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Google Glass and the John Ashbery Effect June 19, 2013: Thanks to the New York School Poets (blog) we found this article by Virginia Heffernan about trying Google Glass and the experience's relationship to poetry. In order to be one of the first to try Google Glass, Heffernan wrote a proposal to Google explaining that she would explore the poetry and grief of the technorati's newest accessory. [...] by

Now We’re Cooking with Gerard Manley Hopkins May 25, 2011: Is this a food blog? Or are we hungry? So many questions. But to the point. In a post over at Best American Poetry, we are treated to a Gerard Manley Hopkins poem, "Pied Beauty," which is dappled with all sorts of lovely spring words and so inspired former chef and current writer Karen Resta that she created a very particular recipe based on [...] by

The Harvest C(r)op October 11, 2009: How to relate the everyday to poetry while in the act of being the poem. Working my way underneath this city I love, I latch onto a dragon's back circumnavigating the subway system during the week. The mass of suits and perfume crammed through corridors burrowed beneath concrete reminders, swimming the juice-pulse through the city's [...] by