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Take a picture; it’ll last longer. April 21, 2011: I’m a little late to the party on this one, but Gillian Conoley, I admire your Second Questions for Poetry post, in which you ask: “What is your palette? What colors are most often present in your work? How does color act within your poems?” I don’t know what color my poems are, but I do like trying to decide the color of other [...] by

Public musings: balancing the role of the poet April 11, 2011: On my mind today: Ron Silliman’s blog, its demise, Kenneth Goldsmith's post on Ron Silliman, a response I had to a public proposal for a new poetry venture from a fellow Canadian poet, and a recent post I made here regarding the line. There is, in all of this diversity, an illustration of how complicated the public role of the poet can be. How [...] by

Literary Activism and Practicing Generosity April 6, 2011: Thank you Rigoberto González for the shout out, and for your recent post! I would also love to say a few things about "po-biz" work, riffing off that post. One of the last times I saw Rigoberto was at CantoMundo in Albuquerque. Though I’m not a Latino poet, I’d tagged along with my husband Oscar Bermeo, who was one of the program’s [...] by