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Google Glass and the John Ashbery Effect June 19, 2013: Thanks to the New York School Poets (blog) we found this article by Virginia Heffernan about trying Google Glass and the experience's relationship to poetry. In order to be one of the first to try Google Glass, Heffernan wrote a proposal to Google explaining that she would explore the poetry and grief of the technorati's newest accessory. [...] by

The state of digital poetry publishing March 29, 2011: In Publishers Weekly, Craig Morgan Teicher reviews the current landscape of e-books for publishers of poetry. There's a heavy emphasis on "current" because the struggle for a standard that will support all of the formatting needs of poetry (and any book with a need to maintain any sort of design elements whatsoever) isn't going to come to a [...] by

‘No Deal’ for Google book settlement, but plenty of chances to play again March 23, 2011: When Google settled their book scanning case with the Authors Guild and the Association of American Publishers for $125 million a few years ago, all sides were pretty happy with the deal. Google would get to index the 15 million books it had already scanned in partnerships with university libraries, and authors and publishers would get some [...] by

The emotional hang-ups of Google’s poetry translation software January 17, 2011: Google researcher Dmitriy Genzel talks to NPR's All Things Considered about the advancements in training artificial intelligence to recognize, translate, and maintain the characteristics of poetry. Last week, IBM pitted its computer Watson-- programmed to understand human speech-- against Jeopardy! champions and carried the day (or at least the [...] by

Alice Walker on the immediacy of digital publishing November 17, 2010: Alice Walker spoke to Googlers as part of their authors series back in October about her latest book of poetry, Hard Times Require Furious Dancing and why she chooses to publish some poems directly online through her website: I started on a website on the day that Obama won the election. And I’m not sure exactly why I did it that way, but [...] by