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Holland Cotter Reviews Emily Dickinson’s Gorgeous Nothings at New York Times December 6, 2013: Wow! a new book featuring Emily Dickinson's envelope poems, edited by Marta Wener and Jen Bervin and recently published by New Directions in collaboration with Christine Burgin, in collaboration with Steve Clay of Granary Books, has garnered a much coveted book review from NYT's art critic, Holland Cotter. Like many a Connecticut Valley [...] by

The Mimeo Revolution Continues with Granary’s New Archive from ‘A Secret Location’ May 21, 2013: Granary Books announces an important new title--Archive from “A Secret Location”--and oddly enough, we were just talking about its precursor the other day, recalling it as a necessary read for those interested in the history of the small-press movement, mimeograph revolution, and poetry in the mid-twentieth cent. That one would be A Secret [...] by

Ekphrasis Again March 31, 2010: Inspired by Sina’s recent post, I was thinking again about ekphrastic poetry, poetry that traditionally has been written about or for art objects/works. Many of my own poems are informed by visual art, film, music, and live performance. Art, for lack of a better term, often serves as a guide. It shows me things I might not have seen otherwise, [...] by