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NASA Seeks Intergalactic Poetry May 8, 2013: Earth to poets! NASA is inviting poets and space-afficionados to pen their best haiku to celebrate the voyage of MAVEN: a spacecraft that will leave Earth in November to study the Martian atmosphere. Managers of the MAVEN-voyage began accepting haiku submissions on May 1 and they will continue to accept haiku submissions until July 15th. [...] by

Basho and His Interpreters April 23, 2013: Beautiful book, if you can get a hold of a copy: Basho and His Interpreters (Makoto Ueda, Stanford University Press, 1992). Listen to how it works: • Top of each page, a chaste translation, in three lines, of a Basho haiku. • Underneath: the Japanese original transliterated into Roman letters + a word-for-word translation. • [...] by

Real/Haiku April 12, 2012: About 15 years ago, when I first heard a North American Haiku Conference was being held in nearby Evanston, I naively pictured something like Comic-Con—you know:  people in space helmets, jet packs, antennae—that sort of thing.  I went, but mostly as a fascinated spectator: Levi-Strauss among the “natives,” an emissary from the [...] by

New York Times snow haiku seriously lacking in yetis January 25, 2011: The only thing worse than bad winter weather is that it's all that anyone talks about for months. Well The New York Times has come to the rescue, or rather, its readers have, by providing creative haiku on the subject of snow to make any awkward small talk a little more entertaining. Anwar Ragep sums up the mundane wintry conversations nicely with [...] by

The emotional hang-ups of Google’s poetry translation software January 17, 2011: Google researcher Dmitriy Genzel talks to NPR's All Things Considered about the advancements in training artificial intelligence to recognize, translate, and maintain the characteristics of poetry. Last week, IBM pitted its computer Watson-- programmed to understand human speech-- against Jeopardy! champions and carried the day (or at least the [...] by

Poetry less dense than fruitcake, still just as bad December 22, 2010: Thanks to the ease of changing an article's headline online, sometimes editors leave traces of their true feelings in the URL. Tampa Bay Online brings us a sublimely terrible collection of fruitcake-inspired haiku entered in this year's Mrs. Harvey's White Fruitcake Haiku Contest. Entitled, upon first glance, "Fruitcake inspires poets from Tampa [...] by