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Haitian Fragments April 14, 2011: Five months after the earthquake of January 12, 2011, I sat in an elegant art gallery on the upper slopes of Petion Ville to talk to a gathering of Haitian poets. I was moonlighting while reporting on HIV AIDS in Haiti after the earthquake. I did not want to miss the chance to find out how the poets were responding to the earthquake. We talked, [...] by

Poets set the tone for “Natural Events to Social Disasters” conference in Austin February 22, 2011: Natasha Trethewey and Evelyne Trouillot will keynote this week's conference From Natural Events to Social Disasters in the Circum-Caribbean hosted by the Teresa Lozano Long Institute of Latin American Studies at University of Texas, Austin. The conference will discuss the long-running injustices across the region that natural disasters of the [...] by

“Please do not ask me to talk about the quake:” More poetry reporting from Haiti January 27, 2011: A few weeks ago, PBS aired an interview with Kwame Dawes who has been reporting from Haiti in poetry since the earthquake last year. Arts correspondent Jeffrey Brown and Joanne Elgart Jennings follow that up with a broadcast on The PBS Newshour, paying a visit to a community of young poets at the "street level" who have been sharing work with one [...] by

Kwame Dawes reports from Haiti in poetry January 10, 2011: Minnesota Public Radio's Bob Collins has an answer for last week's very serious question: Does poetry matter? Collins cites Kwame Dawes and his travels to Haiti over the past year documenting the "human side" of the earthquake's effects as irrefutable evidence in poetry's favor. The PBS NewsHour, in partnership with USA Today and The [...] by