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Stephen Burt Responds to Mark Edmundson’s Harper’s Article July 1, 2013: Check out Stephen Burt's response to the Mark Edmundson war on words from a week or so ago. At the Boston Review, Burt thanks Edmundson for providing an attack that provokes a response. And, wow: "I can say till I’m blue that Joseph Massey’s short poems are the best thing to happen to the sense of vision since the invention of [...] by

It’s That Time Again: ‘The Decline of American Verse’ at Harper’s June 17, 2013: Mark Edmundson gives new meaning to the term "poetry slam" in an essay published in the July 2013 issue of Harper's. It's inauspicious, supposedly on the "decline of American verse," and opens with reverence for Robert Lowell: I was taken by the artistry of the lines [in “Waking Early Sunday Morning” (1967)], by their subtlety and [...] by

Timothy Donnelly Talks Establishment at Harper’s January 28, 2013: Timothy Donnelly is interviewed at Harper's, hurrah. After oddly prefacing the Q&A with the statement, "Truth is, though, there might be a lot of poetry written today that doesn’t present you with an experience distinct or rich or exciting enough to make you want to relive it. It starts to fade into vagueness the minute you finish [...] by