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Stephen Burt Responds to Mark Edmundson’s Harper’s Article July 1, 2013: Check out Stephen Burt’s response to the Mark Edmundson war on words from a week or so ago. At the Boston Review, Burt thanks Edmundson for providing an attack that provokes a response. And, [...] by

It’s That Time Again: ‘The Decline of American Verse’ at Harper’s June 17, 2013: Mark Edmundson gives new meaning to the term “poetry slam” in an essay published in the July 2013 issue of Harper’s. It’s inauspicious, supposedly on the “decline of [...] by

Timothy Donnelly Talks Establishment at Harper’s January 28, 2013: Timothy Donnelly is interviewed at Harper’s, hurrah. After oddly prefacing the Q&A with the statement, “Truth is, though, there might be a lot of poetry written today that doesn’t [...] by