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Heather McHugh’s CAREGIFTED Program Offers Respite to Long-Term Full-Time Caregivers September 14, 2012: Check out this wonderful program organized by poet Heather McHugh. From the website: CAREGIFTED was established by poet Heather McHugh to benefit long-term (decade or more) full-time caregivers of severely disabled family members. We award all-expense-paid vacations including transportation (from major airports nearest their US [...] by

“The” “age” “of” “genius” September 25, 2009: In a recent Slate article, Ron Rosenbaum explores uses and abuses of the word “genius,” suggesting: Maybe genius has been, if not democratized, more widely and thinly distributed, rather than concentrated in the hands of a precious few…. Maybe we no longer live in the kind of romantic age that created Byron, the template of genius. Or [...] by