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Toronto’s Town Crier Celebrates Hoa Nguyen and Dale Smith January 13, 2014: Just in time for Hoa Nguyen's reading on January 19th at Plasticene Poetry at Pauper's Pub, The Town Crier's Jess Taylor brings the spotlight to legendary Nguyen and legendary Skanky Possum teammate, Dale Smith. Here's our favorite part: More than anything, Nguyen and Smith encourage writers to participate in community and to embrace the [...] by

Toronto Hosts Poets Who Dinner September 26, 2013: We wish that we could be there! Tonight, Diaspora Dialogues hosts the first of three dinnertime conversations with poets, moderated by Meaghan Strimas. Dinner's at 6:30 at Grano Restaurant, 2035 Yonge Street, and the $50 admission includes dinner, a book, and a glass of prosecco. Canada's National Post recently published a wonderful dialogue [...] by

Barry Schwabsky Hits the Ground Running at Hyperallergic May 14, 2013: Hyperallergians, fear not! Barry Schwabsky has reigned-in the poetry for this weekend's installment of the epic arts and culture newsletter. Check this: Ezra Pound said poetry was news that stays news. I thought that in gathering some notes on poetry I’ve read this year I’d bring a bit of news and only after doing so realized to what [...] by

The Boston Globe Reviews New Books from Rob Halpern and Hoa Nguyen August 7, 2012: Over the weekend, The Boston Globe's Michael Andor Brodeur reviewed Rob Halpern's book Music for Porn (Nightboat Books 2012) and Hoa Nguyen's As Long as Trees Last (Wave Books 2012). Brodeur reviews the two books separately, the only connective being that Halpern's "digs a different trench through similar concerns." First up is Nguyen, who [...] by

Two Different Wave Books Giveaways June 19, 2012: Got a GoodReads account? If not, sign up and take part in these two different book giveaway contests. You could win As Long As Trees Last, by Hoa Nguyen or In Time's Rift (Im Zeitspalt), by Ernst Meister, translated by Graham Foust and Samuel Frederick (remember when you first hear about it?). Both books come out in September. Go! by

Starting in on Marina’s question December 31, 2009: I just heard someone say about another someone that “she likes to date guys who wear ironic hats.” I prefer unplanned irony, personally speaking, which is another way of saying I don’t pay any attention to the matter unless someone like Rudy Giuliani has the accidental nerve to publicly state “If I can make it, it’s not art.” Back [...] by

Reading habits, part I November 30, 2009: Have been repeatedly making failed attempts at charting my reading habits in order to detect patterns and write about those patterns on this here blog with the hope that writing about the patterns will change them. What I’m finding is they change if I give any consciousness to their identification. For instance, I begin to think I am out of [...] by