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Get Your Own Wax Cylinder: Sophie Mayer on Sound Archiving, Holly Pester, & Phono-Poetry June 10, 2013: If you're interested in poetics and sound recordings, there are so many good things about the arc and the hive in this post by new poet-in-residence at Archive of the Now, Sophie Mayer--from pointing out that Charles Bernstein's “Making Audio Visible” ". . . in Textual Practice 23.6 (2009) . . . remains a key article not so much for its [...] by

Jacket2′s New English Poetry Portfolio December 7, 2012: Jacket2 posted a great portfolio of new poetry by English poets yesterday, with a focus on the influence North American writing has had on their work. Included in the portfolio is work by Tim Atkins, Amy De'Ath, Jeff Hilson, Richard Parker, Holly Pester, Sophie Robinson, and Carol Watts. The editors, Sarah Dowling and Amy De'Ath, introduce the [...] by