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Drumroll please…. Sophia Le Fraga! November 7, 2013: She's in the spotlight! Sophia Le Fraga talks with HTMLGiant's Andrew Worthington about her glamorous literary lifestyle. Andrew Worthington: Where are you right now? Sophia Le Fraga : I am…FUCK…I am at work, at the Hearst Tower. AW: What’s your job? SLF: I’m a copywriter and editor at this digital ad [...] by

HTML Giant Reviews Edmund Berrigan’s Can It! November 5, 2013: Edmund Berrigan has a new book of poems out called Can It!, published by Letter Machine Editions. Connor Fisher takes a moment to review it, over at HTML Giant. The first time that I read the title of Edmund Berrigan’s bold book Can It!, I misread the words as a syntactical anomaly. The words seemed to combine a common inquiry (“can it [...] by

Amber Nelson on Feminism at HTML Giant October 30, 2013: HTML Giant's Rauan Klassnik brings Seattle-based writer, Amber Nelson, into the Author Spotlight. Rauan: When we chatted you used the word “Feminist” a few times. “Feminist,” a word that puts me on edge, and sometimes gets me crossing my legs, etc, because, well, some Feminist writers are quite radical (knife carriers probably). [...] by

Patrick James Dunagan Reviews Clayton Eshleman’s The Price of Experience August 5, 2013: At HTMLGIANT, Patrick James Dunagan reviews Clayton Eshleman's The Price of Experience: a new collection of his poems, letters, interviews, book reviews, and more. The Price of Experience is a broad sampling of Eshleman’s prodigious output in a variety of literary forms: poems, letters, interviews, book reviews, essays on contemporary [...] by

Reading Nicole Brossard’s White Piano at HTMLGiant June 3, 2013: Impossible Mike deftly writes about Nicole Brossard's White Piano in this post on HTMLGiant. Completely stunning, right-on analysis of performance writing and how it operates on the page. He first looks at those (broken? phantom?) promises of Modernism that Post-Modernism announced were over. Then moves on to look at Brossard's [...] by