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Kevin Killian Interviewed at HTMLGIANT August 11, 2014: At HTMLGIANT, Matt L. Rohrer talks to Kevin Killian about his new book from Wonder, Tweaky Village! Chosen by Macgregor Card for the first-annual Wonder Poetry Prize, Tweaky Village is “a wild [...] by

Lucas de Lima’s Wet Land Reviewed at HTMLGiant June 24, 2014: The thorny terrain of the elegy is brought to focus in Marty Cain’s review of Lucas de Lima’s Wet Land (Action Books, 2014) at HTMLGiant. To set the stage, Cain reminds us that “The [...] by

Tyrone Williams’s Summer Reads at HTMLGiant May 27, 2014: With Memorial Day behind us, we’re back in white here at Harriet and ready to bring on summer. And what better way than by getting our summer reading list in order! We have Janice Lee and the [...] by

Andrew Zawacki’s Videotape Reviewed at HTMLGiant January 20, 2014: Warping back into the past (last week), Will Vincent reviews Andrew Zawacki’s latest collection Videotape—and oh boy what a riveting read it is (book and review both). Vincent situates [...] by

Michael Davidson’s Bleed Through Reviewed at HTMLGiant December 25, 2013: A book that coulda/shoulda made our favorite books of 2013, CJ Morello gives Michael Davidson’s Bleed Through the royal treatment over at HTMLGiant. Morello locates Davidson’s poetry in [...] by

Visionary State of Mind: Tracey McTague’s Super Natural December 12, 2013: Marthe Reed reviews Tracey McTague’s first book, Super Natural (Trembling Pillow Press 2013) for HTMLGIANT: “This playful, satiric collection explicitly samples its sources in folklore, [...] by

‘These Sentences are getting more complicated in this poem’: Leslie Allison Reviews Cecilia Corrigan’s True Beige November 27, 2013: Posted up yesterday at HtmlGiant is a review of Cecilia Corrigan’s latest chappie, True Beige (Trafficker Press, 2013). And what an intriguing work, what with pronoun-folds and [...] by

Wool Will Never Have to Dye: On Nate Klug’s Rude Woods November 11, 2013: We were fortunate enough to hear Nate Klug read from Rude Woods (The Song Cave 2013)–his translations of Virgil’s Eclogues–the other night at Berl’s Poetry Shop. Should he be [...] by

Chris Tysh Does Jean Genet, Adding Further Restraint October 22, 2013: Chris Tysh’s Our Lady of the Flowers, Echoic (Les Figues Press 2013) is reviewed by Josh Coblentz at HTMLGIANT. Coblentz writes of the “bold task of versifying Jean Genet’s [...] by

Felix Bernstein’s Felt Essay on Vanessa Place’s ‘Zombie Poetry’ Manifesto September 30, 2013: Felix Bernstein has penned an original for HTMLGIANT, writing on Vanessa Place, Slavoj Žižek, Trisha Low, “and more.” To the point, Bernstein responds to “Zombie Poetry,” an [...] by