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Eyeful: Kim Hyesoon’s Poetics & Poetry Hinging the Spirit’s Experience September 19, 2013: Tim VanDyke writes about the poetics and work of Kim Hyesoon for HTMLGIANT, noting that her “poetry and poetics have mainly been discussed in terms of the grotesque, but they also hover around [...] by

Visual & Aural Fix on Laura Elrick’s Propogation September 10, 2013: Laura Elrick’s recent book, Propagation (Kenning Editions 2012), gets a deserving review at HTMLGIANT. Nicholas Grider writes that the seemingly quiet poems are in fact “loud shouts and [...] by

Shin Yu Pai’s Telescopic Aux Arcs August 2, 2013: Rauan Klassnik interviews Shin Yu Pai for the fifth round of the Seattle Author Spotlight at HTMLGIANT. The two discuss her new book, Aux Arcs (La Alameda Press 2013), as well as the effects a city, [...] by

Funny Boy Sings Heavy Metal for Joyelle McSweeney +++ at HTMLGIANT July 19, 2013: Video killed the review star or like, something, the bodybuilding routine of Melvin Antony (said Acker: “…the part of the ‘I’ that bodybuilds…was rejecting [...] by

Maged Zaher in the Spotlight at HTMLGIANT July 1, 2013: Seattle Author Spotlight #2 at HTMLGIANT features poet Maged Zaher. Zaher is author of Thank You For The Window Office (Ugly Duckling Presse 2012), The Revolution Happened And You Didn’t Call [...] by

Jen Hofer’s Reads at HTMLGIANT Include Grace Period, Troubling the Line, More June 18, 2013: We’re digging these lists of summer reads over at HTMLGiant–and today is Jen Hofer’s, which is particularly mindful, and Aaron Kunin-full, hooray (yes, we’re also reading [...] by

Ben Tripp on Dana Ward’s Crisis of Infinite Worlds June 3, 2013: At HTMLGIANT, Ben Tripp writes one of the first reviews of Dana Ward’s Crisis of Infinite Worlds (Futurepoem 2013), noting that while the title poem’s central subject is Krystal Cole, [...] by

Kit Schluter Interviews Nathanaël About Danielle Collobert’s Murder March 14, 2013: Kit Schluter, translator of Marcel Schwob’s The Book of Monelle (as we elaborated upon here), spotlights today none other than Danielle Collobert, the French poet whose suicide in 1978 left us [...] by

Seth Oelbaum on AWP and ‘The Glut’ February 27, 2013: If you need a mid-week dose of energy, head over to HTMLGiant, where Seth Oelbaum takes the AWP conference to task. But be prepared, when we say the post will give you some mid-week energy, we mean [...] by

Two New Reviews on The Arcadia Project February 21, 2013: There have been too few reviews of The Arcadia Project, an anthology of “North American postmodern pastoral” poetry from Ahsahta, and edited by Joshua Corey and G.C. Waldrep. Lately, [...] by