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Hurray for Maya Angelou! September 6, 2013: Huffington Post reports that Maya Angelou will be the 2013 recipient of the Literarian Award. The Literarian Award is given by the National Book Foundation, for “contributions to the literary [...] by

The More You Know: Ten Everyday Phrases That Originated From Poetry August 13, 2013: Yes! From Huffington Post’s “Books” Section and brought to you by Max Minkler at Riffle we present: “Ten Everyday Phrases That Originated From Poetry.” Think poetry has [...] by

Blow-by-Blow Analysis of a Reggie Watts Performance July 29, 2013: Hope you didn’t miss Seth Abramason bringing the phenomenal Reggie Watts into his metamodernism corner–at HuffPo, Abramson introduces Watts’s TED Talk: Proof that metamodernism can [...] by

Andy Mister’s Liner Notes as Exemplary of ‘Metamodernism’ July 23, 2013: Seth Abramson’s newest poetry column is up at Huffington Post: This month, Abramson turns from his usual group review to focus on only one collection, using it as “a springboard for [...] by

The ’50s Challenge June 28, 2013: Okay, okay not that ’50s! On Huffington Post, Rita Wilson of Featured Fifty Fiction and Featured Fifty Fine Arts writes: Dear Readers, Since we launched Featured Fifty Fiction and then Featured [...] by

Why is Contemporary American Poetry So Good/Bad? June 24, 2013: As a result of “Why is modern poetry so bad?” and “Poetry Slam: Or the Decline of American Verse,” Seth Abramson has posted “Why Is Contemporary Poetry So Good?” [...] by

Seth Abramson Reviews Mathew Timmons March 1, 2013: Seth Abramson’s February poetry reviews are up at Huffington Post Books, and we’re interested in the range and diversity of books he highlights. Happily, he includes an astute review of [...] by

Carl Sandburg Poem Found January 23, 2013: In other lost-and-found-literary-treasures-news, a previously unknown poem by Carl Sandburg has been uncovered in the archives of the University of Illinois. From the HuffPo: The university says the [...] by

A Little Legal Advice for Self-publishers December 28, 2012: Bernard Starr at Huffpo is dishing some jurisprudence for those of you who are self-publishers. For poets, there’s a darn good chance you are! Starr gives it straight: If you self-publish, you [...] by

The Huffington Post invites you to play Rate! That! Prodigy! March 2, 2011: In The Huffington Post’s continued domination of the phlisticle genre (that’s the combination of a photo gallery and listicle, which is already a combination of list and article, for [...] by