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‘Affect-accommodating’ Method Poetry: Cold Genius, for Instance December 8, 2015: At Hyperallergic, Michael Leong looks at the “difficult but rewarding” work of Aaron Kunin, particularly Cold Genius (Fence Books, 2014); and in the context of a recent formulation from [...] by

Performa Presents Two of the Best of the ‘Net November 16, 2015: Second to final event of the new What if someone told u you were significant? reading series, sponsored by the epic performance art festival, Performa, featured readings by two of the [...] by

Hyperallergic and Douglas Messerli Introduce Arseny Tarkovsky’s Poetry October 19, 2015: At Hyperallergic, Douglas Messerli considers why Arseny Tarkovsky, (“real poet” according to Anna Akhmatova) has been overlooked, and why a translation by Philip Metres and Dmitri [...] by

‘Leaves of Grass’ Psychedelically Explored October 12, 2015: Hyperallergic takes a look at a new animated rendition of the epic Walt Whitman poem, “Leaves of Grass.” Crafted by Sophie Koko Gate, the animation is “basically a Walt Whitman [...] by

Alan Gilbert Reads John Cage’s Diary October 8, 2015: Amazing: “One of the minor ironies of the postwar avant-garde is that an artist so resolutely against personal expression and the myth of the inspired genius should become the focus of a cult [...] by

Hyperallergic Reviews Joshua Clover’s Red Epic October 7, 2015: At Hyperallergic, Jon Curley writes of Joshua Clover’s Red Epic (Commune Editions, 2015): “A swansong for the millennium has just been written and none too soon; or rather, an evensong for [...] by

A Desired Distance: Daniel Owen on the Work of Robert Seydel September 21, 2015: Over at Hyperallergic, poet and editor Daniel Owen details the virtues of a favorite writer and artist, the late Robert Seydel (1960–2011), who composed and “recomposed” language in/to [...] by

Michael Gizzi’s Collected Poems Reviewed September 14, 2015: Over the weekend Hyperallergic published Magdalena Zurawski’s review of Michael Gizzi’s Collected Poems (The Figures 2015). Gizzi passed away in September of 2010. Zurawski begins by [...] by

Shin Yu Pai’s HEIRLOOM Project Gives New Meaning to Antique Apples September 3, 2015: How do you like these apples: Hyperallergic looks at Shin Yu Pai’s HEIRLOOM project, a “site-specific public art project that involves printing language on antique apples in Piper’s [...] by

Imagine Zapf: Creator of Approximately 200 Typefaces August 24, 2015: Hyperallergic’s Allison Meier brought to our attention the work of type designer Hermann Zapf. Zapf designed the popular typefaces Palatino and Optima. He died on June 5th and in tribute, the [...] by