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Ian Hamilton Finlay’s Agoraphobia, New Exhibition in Glasgow July 30, 2013: Martine F. Pugh writes for Art in Healthcare about Ian Hamilton Finlay, the "avant-gardener," and the agoraphobia that affected him throughout his adult life: His movements may have been restricted but Finlay was nonetheless well informed as he corresponded with writers and poets in Britain and around the world. He also surrounded [...] by

Set in a Landscape: Ian Hamilton Finlay’s Selections November 28, 2012: Ian Hamilton Finlay's new book, Selections (UC Press 2012), edited with an introduction by Alec Finlay, has been reviewed over at Booktryst. Alastair Johnston writes of Finlay's later-life recognition, noting that "[a]mong the most fatal accolades one can achieve is to be called 'greatest living' anything." What follows is his poetic work in [...] by

Ian Hamilton Finlay’s Concrete Poems on Display November 20, 2012: From The Guardian: "When I hear the words Arts Council", Ian Hamilton Finlay once wrote, "I reach for my water pistol." The body in the line of fire was the Scottish Arts Council. The choice of weapons was not just a joke: in retreat from a world in which the art object is apt to be overshadowed by its publicity, Finlay created his [...] by

Ian Hamilton Finlay and Dieter Roth Exhibitions July 30, 2012: The Ingleby Gallery has an upcoming exhibition, "Ian Hamilton Finlay – Twilight Remembers" and Fruitmarket Gallery will offer up "Dieter Roth: Diaries." From the Financial Times: Ingleby Gallery’s exhibition draws on Hamilton Finlay’s work in many media but its core is a rediscovered major piece from the late 1970s, “Carrier [...] by