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The People: The Podcast June 20, 2013: A few weeks ago we mentioned our excitement for the release of Insert Blanc Press's A Slap in the Face, the first book from their new "Manifestohs" series. Now, you can listen to the editors talk about Russian Futurism and said manifestos in The People podcast. Boris Dralyuk is in conversation with Mathew Timmons and Ben White, and Dralyuk [...] by

A New Slap in the Face June 6, 2013: Folks all over the interwebs are getting their lists together for summer reads. If you make your way over to Insert/Blanc Press now, you can be sure to reserve your copy of A Slap in the Face: Four Russian Futurist Manifestos in time for some heady beach reading. This is the first in their "Manifestohs" series, edited by David Shook, and it [...] by

Joseph Mosconi’s Fright Catalog February 19, 2013: We've known Joseph Mosconi as an editor and curator for some time: with Rita Gonzalez he edits the art and literature magazine Area Sneaks, and with Ara Shirinyan and Andrew Maxwell, he directs LA-based Poetic Research Bureau. But Mosconi is also a literary artist. We've been eagerly awaiting the release of Fright Catalog, his full-color, [...] by

Nancy Fumero Reviews Andrew Choate’s Stingray Clapping for The Rumpus January 11, 2013: We've been a fan of Los Angeles-based Insert Blanc Press for some time, especially their Parrot series as well as the Blanc Press imprint, which includes Vanessa Place's Tragodía Trilogy, Katie Herzog's Object Oriented Programming, and Joseph Mosconi's forthcoming Fright Catalog. Andrew Choate's Stingray Clapping (mentioned previously [...] by