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The Rise of Online Poetry July 18, 2013: Social media may not be the death of creativity after all. An article in The Independent explores the idea of Twitter creating a new and interesting forum for poetic expression. “Twihaiku” or “micropoetry," as the article calls the 140-character-bound nuggets, can be seen as a bridge between traditional forms of poetry and modern [...] by

The Meme Museum April 5, 2011: Darren Wershler has coined a term, "conceptualism in the wild," to describe practices which rage through the internet that are predicated upon earlier avant-garde tendencies without having the slightest knowledge of them. These most often involve memes. A typical "conceptualism in the wild" meme would be the series of re-subtitled Downfall [...] by

David Pogue finally gets with the Tuscan Milk literary phenomenon December 17, 2010: Yesterday's Pogue's Posts proves that sometimes you have to forgo the latest in technology for a proven, if years old, winner. The comments section on Amazon.com's Tuscan Milk has become an unintentional literary community, playing host to thousands of writers inspired by this "one gallon paperweight" that makes a "baby’s new face burst into [...] by