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The Triumph Is Real: Ursula K. LeGuin Talks Poetry at Interview Magazine September 11, 2015: Ursula K. LeGuin talks to Choire Sicha about poetry at Interview Magazine (she’s published three collections). The new edition of her classic guide for writers, Steering the Craft: A [...] by

Cecilia Corrigan in Interview Magazine! May 8, 2015: Poet, performer, and all-around girl-next-supernova Cecilia Corrigan is interviewed at Interview Magazine! This is not a parallel universe–this is a now-universe, starring Sarah Nicole [...] by

Amy Lawless Interviewed by Interview Magazine!! March 19, 2013: Though they missed the chance to capture Amy Lawless’s (can we say…trademark?) huge blue eyes by photographing them in black-and-white, Interview Magazine did bring the world some joy by [...] by