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At Jacket2: Keeping Poetry Ephemeral January 22, 2015: Mande Zecca writes for Jacket2 about Jack Spicer, and more specifically her desire to locate a “‘secret history’ of postwar coteries and their print media — in particular, the [...] by

Spicer Says: Help Fund (& Go See!) the Theatrical Premiere of ‘Billy the Kid’ June 30, 2014: A handful of our favorite New York theater artists are bringing Jack Spicer’s poem “Billy the Kid” to life! It will premiere in July at Mount Tremper Arts Summer Festival of [...] by

George Kalamaras’s A Gray Barn Rising June 26, 2014: A few months back we reported on George Kalamaras’s appointment as the poet laureate to the great state of Indiana. This week we found out that as part of his laureateship, he has launched a [...] by

Stars, Poetry—Part IV: Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces May 31, 2014: I wrote through the zodiac! This is my last meditation on a personal wheel of poetic influence, grouped by astrological modalities. (See here for my first one; here is my second one; here is my third [...] by

Jack Spicer’s Grave May 1, 2014: Those of you who are my friends on Facebook will know this part already, but last month an e-mail arrived from Stephanie Elliott, the indefatigable press liaison for Wesleyan University Press, where [...] by

Seeing from Between: Toward a Poetics of Interloping April 29, 2014: Happenstance (part one of many parts), 1982-83 from Gary Hill on Vimeo. All men are sisters. Madeline Gins Poetry is translation. It takes one kind of experienced or thought reality and turns it into [...] by

Assistant Tragedies (part 1 of 2) April 28, 2014: I look back through my notebook, stare at the screen of my laptop, and skim through the poetry books that are my current talismans. Nothing helps. I’ve let more than a week pass. Be honest: more [...] by

Blake, Contemporaneously April 17, 2014: For the eye altering alters all William Blake, “The Mental Traveler” Who reads Blake? The easy answer is almost everyone who reads poetry—that is, has read some Blake—and can quote something. [...] by

Poor Claudia Can See Through Time, Aims Are Jack Spicer & Laura Henriksen March 18, 2014: Small press publisher Poor Claudia is up to lots of good right now, having just released the first title in the unassuming but obviously exciting new publication series, Timeworm. IT’S JACK [...] by

Patrick James Dunagan Reviews New [Plus] Awesome Critical Study of Jack Spicer’s Poetry November 20, 2013: Fresh from Edinburgh, the latest in Jack Spicer news. Patrick James Dunagan revels in the blinding-bright not-quite-belatedness of Daniel Katz’s The Poetry of Jack Spicer. Daniel Katz’s The [...] by