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At Jacket Copy, Lynell George Unravels Langston Hughes’s Letters February 9, 2015: Yet another critic is singing the praises of Knopf’s newly published edition of Langston Hughes’s letters. Last week, we mentioned that NYTimes recently got hip to the collected letters. [...] by

Little Free Libraries Are Unlikely Outlaws February 5, 2015: Yet apparently they are law-breakers. Who knew? According to our friends at Jacket Copy, residents in Los Angeles and Shreveport, Louisiana have received citations explaining that the homemade [...] by

Draft: The Journal of Process Emerges February 4, 2015: This just in from Jacket Copy: a journal called Draft: The Journal of Process is hitting its stride. Draft is edited by Mark Polanzak, Rachel Yoder, and Lisa Ciccarello, was founded in 2011, and just [...] by

What’s Killing the Creative Class: Scott Timberg Explains January 26, 2015: Scott Timberg, the author of Culture Clash, explains what’s killing the creative class in his new book and at Jacket Copy. Reviewing the book, Andrew Keen writes that Timberg’s argument [...] by

Pablo Neruda’s Death to be Investigated Again January 23, 2015: Jacket Copy reports that investigators in Chile will take another look at the cause of Pablo Neruda’s death. The last doctor who was at his bedside at the time of death continues to be a [...] by

Killer Poet to Be Paroled? January 14, 2015: According to Jacket Copy’s Carolyn Kellogg, Norman A. Porter Jr. (also known to the Chicago literary community as “J.J. Jameson”) is up for parole. Hopefully this opportunity is [...] by

Bank-Robbing Prankster’s Inspiration: Arthur Rimbaud January 13, 2015: The former art professor at MIT who recently robbed a bank in NYC’s Chinatown, Joseph Gibbons, claims that he was inspired by the poet, Arthur Rimbaud: “I read the works of Arthur Rimbaud [...] by

Remembering Michele Serros (1966-2015) January 7, 2015: The Chicana poet, spoken-word artist, and all around fantastic writer, Michele Serros, passed away this weekend at the age of 48. Her cause of death was cancer. From Jacket Copy’s David L Ulin: [...] by

All About Brecht January 6, 2015: He seems all right… but was he really a psychopath? In its review of a new Brecht biography, The Partnership, Jacket Copy takes the case: The German playwright and poet Bertolt Brecht [...] by

A Wanda Coleman Branch of the Los Angeles Public Library? December 17, 2014: We vote yes! The recommendation, submitted by Austin Straus (Wanda Coleman’s widow) and supported by the Los Angeles Times asks that the county consider changing the name of the Ascot Branch [...] by