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Fie! Shakespeare Blamed for Pimple Woe July 2, 2014: A new study by British dermatologists suggests that Shakespeare is to blame for our obsession with clear skin. However– according to Jacket Copy– writers at The Guardian and The [...] by

Electronic Literature Debuts Version 2.0 May 28, 2014: Can you believe that, not very long ago, electronic literature used to come from machines like this? We can’t either! It goes without saying then that Electronic Literature, a digital [...] by

LA Lifts Bukowski Beyond the Low-Life Cliche March 13, 2014: Is it possible to expand the scope of Bukowski scholarship beyond the low-life cliche that so permeates readings of his work? John Penner at Jacket Copy thinks yes, and on the occasion of this [...] by

Fodor’s Invites Travelers to Visit the World’s Most Fabulous Libraries March 13, 2014: The Los Angeles Times’s Jacket Copy reports that Fodor’s now suggests that travelers include visits to the world’s most beautiful libraries, into their trip itineraries: The best [...] by

Congratulations to Ansel Elkins: Winner of the Yale Younger Poets Prize! March 5, 2014: Woo-hoo! Great news coming your way from Jacket Copy Ansel Elkins has been selected as the winner of the 2014 Yale Younger Poets Prize. The competition is among the oldest literary awards in the U.S. [...] by

It’s All Good: Jacket Copy Put Your Name on the List February 24, 2014: In her book review at the Los Angeles Times, Carolyn Kellogg considers a new book published by renegade literary outlet, N+1, ruminating on the difference between living in New York and attending an [...] by

For Non-Subscribers: Jacket Copy Brings George Packer’s New Yorker Article to Surface February 17, 2014: Is Amazon bad for books? George Packer’s glimpse into the inner workings of the voracious mega-retailer is featured in the most recent issue of The New Yorker. Want to stay in the loop? The [...] by

‘His One Burning Desire was to Ditch the Life of a Bourgeois Midwesterner for the Glamour and Grime of Big Cities': A Carl Van Vechten Omnibus Exposed, at Jacket Copy February 17, 2014: Seriously! Carl Van Vechten’s photographs rule. And just in time for not-Valentine’s Day, here’s a nod to a new biography of Van Vechten that will knock your socks off, too– [...] by

The Antiquarians are Getting Younger February 10, 2014: Jacket Copy reports on a new generation of antiquarian book dealers going against the digital grain and finding solace in the printed page. Not only is this next generation of high-end booksellers [...] by

#Shelfies Are For Real! December 19, 2013: What! You like our shelfie? Oh come on! Yes, that’s really us. Yes, really! Yes! Well anyway, we were reading Jacket Copy and stumbled upon this articles about shelfies: enjoy! (Hope you like [...] by