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Commune Editions Gets a Little Bit Poetic February 27, 2014: New from Commune Editions at Jacket2, "Elegy, or the Poetics of Surplus." We often find ourselves discussing, often in rooms with other poets, often in schoolish settings, what it means to say that something is poetic. It is for the most part clear enough in reference to other literature, suggesting a higher-than-average degree of [...] by

Alejandra Pizarnik’s Uncollected Poems at Jacket2 February 26, 2014: We're excited to see a selection of late poems by Alejandra Pizarnik, translated from the Spanish by Cole Heinowitz, published at Jacket2. For those unfamiliar with Pizarnik's life and work, Heinowitz provides commentary following the poems: Flora Alejandra Pizarnik (1936-1972) was born to Russian Jewish parents in an immigrant district [...] by

On Editing Joglars February 18, 2014: Over the weekend at Jacket2, Tom Orange posted a great history of the post-New American Poetry journal Joglars, edited by Clark Coolidge and (George) Michael Palmer. Orange describes how the magazine developed out of the 1963 Vancouver Poetry Conference: When Coolidge met George Palmer (who then went by his first rather than middle [...] by

A WORLD OF MIRRORS: Cecilia Corrigan Reviews I’ll Drown My Book: Conceptual Writing by Women February 13, 2014: At Jacket2, a long-awaited review from Cecilia Corrigan on I'll Drown My Book: Conceptual Writing by Women (Les Figues Press 2012). Corrigan makes some distinctions: "...[T]he reader seeking a clearer definition of this movement will find herself mystified, as the paradigm that governs the works in this slippery, recalcitrant volume is that [...] by

‘An inefficient workman quarrels with his tools’ February 6, 2014: When it comes to collaborative writing, we're huge fans of the dynamic duo that is Amanda Ackerman and Harold Abramowitz. Over at Jacket2, Amanda Ackerman talks about their collaborative publication venture they call eohippus labs. Ackerman goes into the pre-history of the press (starting about 50 million years ago with the eohippus or "dawn [...] by

Trevor Joyce Featured at Jacket2 February 4, 2014: Hey all you Jacket2 fans, you'll want to wander over to Jacket2 today to check out a fabulous feature that went up recently featuring the writing of Irish poet Trevor Joyce. The feature is edited by Niamh O'Mahony, who writes in the introduction: Trevor Joyce is an Irish poet whose innovation and creativity constitutes a sustained [...] by

Bobbie Louise Hawkins’s Home Videos January 23, 2014: We hope you're like us and can never get too much Bob Creeley and friends. Up today at Jacket2 is a set of home videos shot by Bobbie Louise Hawkins from 1962-1965. From Charles Bernstein: Bobbie Louise Hawkins took these home movies from 1962 to 1965. She provided them to Robert McTavish for his film about the Vancouver poetry [...] by

Dispatches from the MLA: Commune Editions at Jacket2 January 17, 2014: The editors of Commune Editions (Juliana Spahr, Joshua Clover, and Jasper Bernes) write from their experience of MLA at Jacket2. The Modern Languages Association is large enough that it is districted into divisions, like “American Literature to 1800” or “Women's Studies in Language and Literature.” This year, the “Literary [...] by

Loving Her Medium: Madeline Gins, 1941-2014 January 9, 2014: Madeline Gins--poet, architect, artist, philosopher, and long-time collaborator with artist Shusaku Arakawa--died yesterday. "She was 72. The cause of death was cancer," writes Charles Bernstein at Jacket2. Gins lived all her life in New York, much of it with Arakawa on a loft on Houston Street. She graduated from Barnard College, where [...] by

‘Amelia’ Unmasked: Charles Reznikoff’s Poetry at Jacket2 January 7, 2014: Introduced by Charles Bernstein, Jacket2 released into the world this astonishing close reading by Distinguished Law Professor Richard Hyland of the character of "Amelia" in Charles Reznikoff's Testimony: The United States. Excellent. Charles Reznikoff's "Amelia": A case study by Richard Hyland CHARLES BERNSTEIN Richard Hyland, [...] by