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Another Tool for Discovering your Favorite Letter May 6, 2013: While we were wrapping up the overflow of National Poetry Month on Friday, Jacket2 was getting everyone hip to Dan Waber’s Another Tool for Discovering your Favorite Letter, which is "an online interactive poem, a mandala-like, kaleidoscopic hallucinogenic roundabout tilt-a-whirl hurricane pinwheel rabbit's hole sawblade exploration of the [...] by

The Opposite of Olympian: Barry Schwabsky Reviews Amy King’s I Want to Make You Safe March 22, 2013: Barry Schwabsky has written a fabulously in-depth review of Amy King's I Want to Make You Safe. We appreciate it when a reviewer situates a book within the context of all of that writer's work, which is exactly what Schwabsky does in this piece. When I read King’s first full-length book, Antidotes for an Alibi, in 2005, I noticed a series [...] by

O! Tricky Cad & Other Jessoterica March 11, 2013: In "Poems and Poetics," a regular column Jacket2, Jerome Rothenberg highlights a recent title from Siglo Press featuring collages by Jess, Robert Duncan's long-term partner. If you're not immediately excited by this announcement, Jess's biography on the Siglo Press website will pique your interest: JESS (1923-2004), born Burgess Collins [...] by

Kaegan Sparks on ‘Inter-Generic’ Curating March 8, 2013: In dialog with Kristen Gallagher at Jacket2, Kaegan Sparks talks about her curatorial relationship to interdisciplinary work and increasingly blurred genre boundaries. We're particularly interested in the way Sparks describes curation as a method of facilitating discourse: ...beyond focusing on formal variety among the cultural material I [...] by

Jacket2 Feature on Joseph Ceravolo March 5, 2013: Vincent Katz and many others have collaborated on a Joseph Ceravolo feature for Jacket2. "We were interested in amassing a number of voices to attempt to illuminate this famously elusive poet’s various senses of musicality, nonsense, and also a strict refusal to fit into accustomed patterns of writing poetry," he writes in the introduction. [...] by

Kristen Gallagher on Coding Poetry February 25, 2013: We continue to be excited by the emergence of smart digital poetries and sophisticated critical discourse to match. Case in point: over at Jacket2, Kristen Gallagher takes us on a walk through of some of  Alejandro Crawford's recent work, which she says, "is not only technically cutting edge, it's weird and funny and fun." Gallagher's [...] by

The Scholarship of Poetry & Performance February 20, 2013: [caption id="attachment_61651" align="alignright" width="500"] Cristin O’Keefe Aptowicz and Stan Mir at Kelly Writers House in 2011.[/caption] The idea that art—especially in performance—might question or break down the boundary between artist and reader/viewer or creator and consumer isn’t new. In Towards a Situationist [...] by

The Literary Memoirs of Laura Riding Jackson February 19, 2013: We're grateful whenever literary scholars and historians attend to the work of a brilliant and overlooked poet, especially because such poets are often women. In an essay for Jacket2 on Laura (Riding) Jackson's literary memoirs, literary scholar and poet Becky Peterson notes that (Riding) Jackson has frequently been "villianized, marginalized, [...] by

Holly Melgard Answers, ‘Why Not Childbirth?’ February 14, 2013: Some readings generate immediate reactivity (ow) and are then written about but it's, uh, to no avail? Others generate immediate reactivity (aah) and are then written about only to, yay, further the dialogue. Here's one at Jacket2 from beat reporter Kristen Gallagher and her askee of the week, poet Holly Melgard. Gallagher tells us that a [...] by

Sampling Silence in Ashbery February 12, 2013: We love it when poetry opens out into other disciplines and art forms. Last spring, the New School hosted a festival called How to Continue: Ashbery Across the Arts. Participants from a variety of disciplines engaged with John Ashbery's work, and all sorts of crazy and exciting things happened. Christian Hawkey chose to examine the collection [...] by