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From the Franco Files: C. K. Williams’s Tar Becomes Film November 12, 2013: Hey, wouldn't it be great if James Franco starred in a movie that showcased poetry? Wait no longer ye rock dwellers, we found out yesterday that an adaptation of C. K. Williams's 1983 poetry collection, Tar, is slated to hit screens nation-wide. Not only does the film star Hollywood's biggest poetry champion, it co-stars Mila Kunis, with [...] by

James Franco & the Materialistic Demons from Today’s Celebrity Age June 19, 2013: Buzzfeed's got the "Best Worst Celebrity Poetry"--don't cry; alongside Ally Sheedy and Ronald Reagan is ofc James Franco, whose recent chapbook of poems, Strongest of the Litter, contains a verse about the making of Spring Breakers: “I’m the experienced actor, / I am a teacher. When I acted in Spring Breakers / My character was the teacher [...] by

Graywolf to Publish James Franco’s First Collection of Poems December 18, 2012: From Star Tribune: Actor James Franco is also, you might know, director James Franco, and musician James Franco, and model James Franco, and MFA-holder--make that double-MFA-holder---James Franco, and, yes, poet James Franco. Franco, who earned an MFA in creative writing from Brooklyn College and an MFA in poetry from Warren Wilson [...] by

‘I am very interested in masks and ventriloquism’: An Interview with James Franco December 13, 2012: James Franco, author, most recently of the chapbook Strongest of the Litter, took part in this LA Review of Books interview. A sample: GB: At the onset of The Broken Tower, a title card quotes Crane’s ars poetica of sorts: The motivation of the poem must be derived from the implicit emotional dynamics of the materials used, [...] by

James Franco Publishes His First Chapbook November 5, 2012: James Franco has a chapbook, available from Hollyridge Press, called Strongest of the Litter. About the chapbook: There is a vision of power at the center of James Franco's first chapbook of poems, Strongest of the Litter. Power here is both generative and frightening, self-consuming and bracing. It is the artist's power of [...] by

James Franco’s Hart Crane Biopic to Open at Los Angeles Film Festival June 16, 2011: The Jewish Journal reports (though we heard rumor) that James Franco's film about poet Hart Crane, The Broken Tower, is due to premiere at the Los Angeles Film Festival, which runs from June 16 to June 26. Franco has been invested in the picture in more ways than one, as he is wont, having been inspired by Crane as a character while reading [...] by

After many a gruelling sleepover, O’s poetry issue is finally here March 10, 2011: So yes, that issue of O magazine dedicated to poetry has finally come out and The New Yorker's Book Bench got its hands on a copy. It's a bit of a surprise that the Maria Shriver-edited issue doesn't feature any original poetry (except in one letter to the editor) as the world was breathlessly waiting for Mike Tyson and Ashton Kutcher to drop some [...] by