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Made Close by Jane Gregory’s My Enemies October 22, 2013: Jane Gregory's new (first) book, My Enemies (The Song Cave 2013), is given a close-read by Charles Altieri, writing for Feedback (the critical theory blog-arm of Open Humanities Press). "Reading Gregory becomes an object lesson in how our language itself mimes (or perhaps creates) our fundamental confusions about what we can control and what [...] by

Welcome to Song Cave May 15, 2013: Oh yes, hi, is this thing on? Yes, hello, we're coming to you live from Song Cave: that's S-O-N-G-C-A-V-E. Song Cave, a small press publisher based in Northampton, Massachusetts, is edited by Ben Estes and Alan Felsenthal. In addition to chapbooks by poets and writers among the likes of Lisa Jarnot, Rod Smith, Dana Ward, and Jennifer Moxley, [...] by