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on the small press, its recent past, production, present future, circulation: part one April 17, 2014: A few years ago I read Capital, Volume I with some friends from work. I was the person in this reading group who kept bringing up chapbooks. Someone else kept bringing up higher education. Our jobs. Emotions. Care labor. Midway through we invited a friend to visit in the role of something like guest lecturer, beginning, I think, with relative [...] by

Jane Sprague’s The Port of Los Angeles March 7, 2010: In the summer of 2008, I stayed with Jane Sprague and her family in Long Beach, California, where I gave a reading with Rob Halpern for Sprague’s series, Long Beach Notebook. Memorable during the trip was driving with Sprague to LA and passing the ports, which Sprague schooled me about. In LA, Sprague conveyed a comparable knowledge about the [...] by