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“Bookjoy!” April 21, 2011: I’m borrowing poet Pat Mora’s favorite expression, and riffing from Javier Huerta’s list entry, although my list will be shorter and I’ll also add a few words of praise about these, my favorites books. Wish Huerta had done the same... ouch! (Much love, Javi, you know I think you’re mad-cool, mi osito de peduche, my laughing [...] by

Transnational Poetics: Some Thoughts April 4, 2010: What up, Harrieteers, I wanted to say a few things about a recent Transnational Poetics panel in which I recently participated at UC Berkeley with fellow author and blogger, Javier O. Huerta, as well as local poet and performer, Maya Chinchilla. Regarding my own apparent status as a poet from a transnational community, my interest is in that [...] by