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on the small press, its recent past, production, present future, circulation: part one April 17, 2014: A few years ago I read Capital, Volume I with some friends from work. I was the person in this reading group who kept bringing up chapbooks. Someone else kept bringing up higher education. Our jobs. Emotions. Care labor. Midway through we invited a friend to visit in the role of something like guest lecturer, beginning, I think, with relative [...] by

On Collaboration March 17, 2014: Shut up alone with a blank page and my own habits, I can get caught in a hall of looping self-doubt. But when I’m attending to another in poetic collaboration, I’m brought open to possibility, to new bonds and intimacies. Collaboration is for me a way of being permeable and open to change. It is a powerfully direct way to engage other [...] by

Jen Hofer’s Reads at HTMLGIANT Include Grace Period, Troubling the Line, More June 18, 2013: We're digging these lists of summer reads over at HTMLGiant--and today is Jen Hofer's, which is particularly mindful, and Aaron Kunin-full, hooray (yes, we're also reading Grace Period). More of the poetry! Grace Period: Notebooks, 1998-2007, Aaron Kunin (Letter Machine Editions, 2013) Here you will find at least two worlds, and then [...] by

Experience Unlimited at the East Bay Poetry Summit June 17, 2013: I told lots of people that I was going to write about the East Bay Poetry Summit for Harriet’s "Open Door" series. And each time, I followed it up with a confession: “It was so wonderful, I have no idea how to write about it. Everyone will just think I drank the Kool-Aid!” I hoped that with enough time, I’d get some critical distance [...] by

Yes, and Then Some: Video of Dolores Dorantes & Jen Hofer June 12, 2013: Lucky for us, there's much footage of the recent East Bay Poetry Summit, including this must-watch of Jen Hofer with Dolores Dorantes at Woolsey Heights. Recording of the reading took place on Saturday, May 25, 2013, and has been posted by Evan Karp. Watch! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e1f66nr_Ekc&feature=youtu.be by

The Summit Is Coming! The Summit Is Coming! May 21, 2013: The East Bay Poetry Summit is almost here! The East Bay Poetry Summit begins this weekend in Berkeley! (Thanks, in part, to generous donations to its successful Indiegogo campaign.) The summit will draw poets from across the U.S. to Oakland and Berkeley, to give poetry readings at several of the East Bay's thriving house reading serieses. [...] by

On Knowing: Quasi-intelligibility, or Good-bye National Poetry Month! May 3, 2013: In On Photography, Susan Sontag discusses Walter Benjamin’s ideal work of literary criticism. According to Sontag, for Benjamin, the ideal work of literary of criticism would be made up of nothing but quotes. Sontag writes: “Benjamin’s own ideal project reads like a sublimated version of the photographer’s activity. This project was a [...] by

Highlights from the One-Year Anniversary Issue of The Volta: Jen Hofer & John Pluecker’s Antena Project January 2, 2013: The Volta, a multimedia project of poetry, criticism, poetics, video, conversation and interview celebrates its one-year anniversary with a new January issue. We're especially excited by Jen Hofer and John Pluecker's multimedia poetic dialog on the Antena Project in The Conversant. In their words, the Antena Project is "a language [...] by

Great Audio Interview with Jen Hofer at The Pleistocene November 26, 2012: Jen Hofer is interveiwed over at The Pleistocene. Recorded, as they tell us, via Skype between Tucson and Oakland on October 29, 2012; and pictures taken in Tucson when Jen was in town for her reading at Casa Libre. Says Hofer: "I don't believe in prizes (unless they're given to me)." She deserves them! She also talks much on [...] by

Mexican Poet and Activist Javier Sicilia Calls for Change in U.S.-Backed Drug War with a Month-Long U.S. Peace Caravan August 20, 2012: We were all about Mexican poet and activist Javier Sicilia several months ago. Lucky for everyone, he is on the move. Over at Democracy Now, Amy Goodman interviews Sicilia about his tour of of the States--that's right, he's here, for "a month-long journey across the United States to call for an end of the U.S.-backed drug war." [...] by