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Now Online: Jennifer Karmin’s 4,000 Words Project May 28, 2013: This just in: a new exploratory work from Jennifer Karmin, entitled 4000 Words 4000 Dead & Revolutionary Optimism / An American Elegy: 2006-2012. It's not solely authored, however, and is a companion piece to Revolutionary Optimism, "a response to Abu Ghraib based on confessions from Iraqi prisoners, sympathy cards, and The Tibetan Book of [...] by

Jennifer Karmin & Laura Goldstein on Collaborative Process March 18, 2013: [caption id="attachment_63082" align="alignright" width="500"] The Black Took Collective Performing at Red Rover.[/caption] We're fan's of Jennifer Karmin’s multidisciplinary projects and the long-running Red Rover Series in Chicago. Over at Poets and Writers, Karmin and co-curator Laura Goldstein talk about their collaborative curatorial [...] by