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Academy of American Poets NYC Summer Poetry Series July 17, 2013: If you’re in NYC this sweltering summer and can bear to temporarily venture outside of air conditioning, the Academy of American Poets will make it worth your while. The Academy is continuing its free annual summer poetry readings with a varied lineup of award-winning poets sharing their work at historic New York City locales—from the High [...] by

Time for some other answers April 27, 2011: My thanks to Erika Meitner, Jennifer Militello, Laurel Snyder, Lisa Olstein, Arielle Greenberg and Mark Bibbins for weighing in on the timely v. timeless question: Erika Meitner Timely!  Timely! But part of this has to do with my current 'project' (whatever that means) about consumerism in all its weird guises.  I mean, life happens at [...] by