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Self-evidence with Difficulty April 9, 2014: [caption id="attachment_84258" align="alignright" width="500"] Site of the Café Le Métro poetry reading coffeehouse from 1963-1965, located at 149 2nd Ave., New York City[/caption] For many years I’ve been interested in difficulty; I suppose in the present context it could be called the poetics of difficulty. I remember at age 14 carrying [...] by

SF Gate Features Jerome Rothenberg January 27, 2014: SF Gate's Evan Karp profiles star of the poetic constellations, Jerome Rothenberg, in conjunction with his January 25th reading at the Bay Area Public School. Whether you were in the audience this weekend, or not, Karp's article is a great glimpse into Rothenberg's fabulous lifestyle. Jerome Rothenberg changed the course of poetics with [...] by

Jerome Rothenberg Presents David-Baptiste Chirot’s Cinema of Catharsis November 6, 2013: Today we found the second installment of the great and wonderful poet/visual-artist David-Baptiste Chirot's Cinema of Catharsis, presented by Jerome Rothenberg, up at Jacket2. Somehow we missed the first installment, here, in which the Preface opens: El Colonel is smiling, writing with his cigarette’s smoke in that great page, the sky [...] by

Stephen Fredman’s Glimpse into David Antin’s World September 30, 2013: Newly posted by Jerome Rothenberg at Jacket 2: Stephen Fredman's wonderful interview with David Antin, conducted in the spring of 2013. Q. 1 When you began delivering talk poems in the mid-1970s, they seemed quite confrontational. There was a remarkable resistance to the work even among so-called "avant-garde" poets on the West Coast, [...] by

‘The Four Little Girls’: New In-Progress Translation of Play by Pablo Picasso August 26, 2013: Jerome Rothenberg has dug up some translations he began a few years ago of Les Quatre Petites Filles, "the second of the two full-length plays Picasso wrote in the 1940s." The text Rothenberg's posted on Poems and Poetics is dark and delightful, reminiscent of Ashbery's Girls on the Run and Mac Wellman's play Jennie Richee. Maybe that's too [...] by

New Translations of Experimental Yiddish Poet Celia Dropkin Published at Jacket2 May 14, 2013: Now this is news: A decade of translating work from Samuel Solomon, Jennifer Kronovet, and Faith Jones has led to the publication of new translations of experimental Yiddish poet Celia Dropkin (1887-1956) at Jacket2, with an amazing note from Jerome Rothenberg on the poet: Among the more experimental Yiddish poets in early [...] by

‘Shaking The Pumpkin’ Reissued March 27, 2013: We're thrilled to hear that Station Hill is any day now reissuing Shaking The Pumpkin: Traditional Poetry of The Indian North Americas, edited by Jerome Rothenberg. First published in 1972 by Doubleday Anchor, this anthology was, as Rothenberg wrote in the "Pre-Face, "a step "toward the construction of an experimental ethnopoetics"  and an [...] by

O! Tricky Cad & Other Jessoterica March 11, 2013: In "Poems and Poetics," a regular column Jacket2, Jerome Rothenberg highlights a recent title from Siglo Press featuring collages by Jess, Robert Duncan's long-term partner. If you're not immediately excited by this announcement, Jess's biography on the Siglo Press website will pique your interest: JESS (1923-2004), born Burgess Collins [...] by

Considering the Long-Lost Rose Drachler September 24, 2012: Christine Meilicke writes for Jerome Rothenberg's Poems and Poetics about the severely unknown poet Rose Drachler, who began to write and publish in her fifties and sixties: "Her first publisher was a young poet—David Meltzer, the editor of the kabbalistic magazine Tree and publisher of Tree books. Drachler’s first books were two chapbooks, [...] by

Looking at Jerome Rothenberg’s Polish Trilogy, Triptych August 21, 2012: Awesomely, people remember 2007 and are writing about books published then, well, now. In particular: The Fiend Journal has just posted a review of one of our favorites, Jerome Rothenberg's Triptych (Poland/1931, Khurbn, The Burning Babe), entitled "The Shaman of Subversion: Jerome Rothenberg’s Radical Deconstructions." Yep: "Triptych brings [...] by