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On Collaboration March 17, 2014: Shut up alone with a blank page and my own habits, I can get caught in a hall of looping self-doubt. But when I’m attending to another in poetic collaboration, I’m brought open to possibility, to new bonds and intimacies. Collaboration is for me a way of being permeable and open to change. It is a powerfully direct way to engage other [...] by

Help Argos Books Publish j/j hastain’s Book of Poems And Collages March 28, 2013: Argos Books is looking for support to publish, Forensics of the Chamber, a hefty collection of poems and collages by j/j hastain. If all goes well, this book will be the second full-length publication from Argos, and they intend for this collection to be in color in order to do justice to hastain's collages. We love the many chapbooks and [...] by

Refusing to Settle: Gina Myers on j/j hastain November 8, 2012: Gina Myers reviews j/j hastain's long past the presence of common (Say It With Stones 2011) for PANK Blog, writing that the work is an "an attempt to establish what it means to be a 'cyborgian gender'" and brings together "fragments of lyric poetry, theoretical prose, and visual art focused on the body and moving past the limitations of the [...] by

Rodrigo Toscano’s Deck of Deeds Is Creatively Engaged June 6, 2012: Rodrigo Toscano's new book, Deck of Deeds (Counterpath 2012) is reviewed (or "creatively engaged," rather) at Big Other. J/J Hastain writes that the mouth is altered, more pixelated, after reading this book, and quotes Cathy Wagner as having said, astutely, that Deck of Deeds is “an American-values flipbook, or a realism themepark that keeps [...] by