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Who’s the Man? January 21, 2014: Stubborn Poetries: Poetic Facticity and the Avant-Garde, by Peter Quartermain. University of Alabama Press. $39.95. Among Friends: Engendering the Social Site of Poetry, edited by Anne Dewey and Libbie Rifkin. University of Iowa Press. $42.00. "Who," I used to ask, after banging on a colleague's office door, "who exactly is the man?" It [...] by

Kyger on Conner at OPEN SPACE October 22, 2013: OPEN SPACE, the official blog of the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, presents a series of posts exploring aspects of a new exhibition co-presented by the Contemporary Jewish Museum and SFMOMA called Beyond Belief: 100 Years of the Spiritual in Modern Art. In this most recent posting, Joanne Kyger shares her recollections of Bruce Conner [...] by

Patrick James Dunagan on Joanne Kyger’s 2012 May 28, 2013: What to read next? Check out Patrick James Dunagan's gorgeous review of Joanne Kyger's fantastic new chaplet, 2012. Published by Blue Press in 2013, Kyger's "journal-like suite of nine poems" exists in a meticulously organized grounded-ness, presenting stunning variations on the everyday, as it exists surrounding her home in Bolinas, [...] by

Bringing John Wieners Back: Revisiting 707 Scott Street April 2, 2013: In 2001 I printed a small book, Negative Capability in the Verse of John Wieners, an outtake from my thesis for the Poetics Program at New College of California. I wanted it to look like a mini-manifesto, a small pamphlet reminiscent of Walter Jackson Bates’s Negative Capability: The Intuitive Approach in Keats-- something that could pass as [...] by

Nice Conjunct of Denise Riley’s ‘A Misremembered Lyric,’ Joanne Kyger + George Stanley November 9, 2012: John Latta at Isola di Rifiuti wrote recently of Denise Riley, Joanne Kyger, and George Stanley--a lovelier bunch we can't think of at the moment--it's, moreover, about the "tender chaos of a momentary lingual void: speechlessness gumming up the works." More: Or is it the residual glossolalia of the century itself, its tumult of [...] by

Joanne Kyger Feature at Jacket2 November 7, 2012: We love the features Jacket2 has been surfacing from the Ur-Jacket. And this one on Joanne Kyger in particular. Poet Linda Russo put this portfolio together, which includes writing by the likes of Kevin Killian, Dale Smith, Anne Waldman, and Kyger herself (to name a only a few contributors). To get you started, here's a taste from Russo's [...] by

Joanne Kyger Reading Tonight! September 14, 2012: Just a reminder that Joanne Kyger will be reading tonight at the Poetry Foundation. For those of you in Chicago, please stop by. And for our readers elsewhere, Joanne can be found here and here. by

Thank You, Joanne September 4, 2012: We at Harriet would like to extend our thanks to last month's "Craftwork" blogger Joanne Kyger. If you happened to have missed any of her posts, they can all be found here. Thank you for the great work, Joanne! And for those of you who are in Chicago, please stop by the Poetry Foundation on September 14th at 6:30 to hear Joanne kick off the [...] by

Letters from Lost & Found August 31, 2012: All those poets' papers, folders, and manuscripts filed by the foot in college and university libraries all over the US, now have an avenue of escape and rebirth with the publication of a series of chapbooks edited by students in the English Program at the Graduate Center at the City University of New York. And it is the correspondence, [...] by

Videos of Last Month’s Ring of Bone Celebration August 29, 2012: The City Lights blog has posted a wealth of video footage from last month's celebration of Lew Welch's Ring of Bone, which we reported on here. From the blog: Last month Gary Snyder, Joanne Kyger, David Meltzer, Peter Coyote, Jerry Martien, Steve Sanfield, Tom Killion, and Huey Lewis celebrated the release of the new edition of Ring of [...] by