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New on the Vast Horizon of Magazines That Review: HIX EROS, Available for Download November 19, 2013: Gaining hot water vapor: Issue 2 of a new journal of poetry reviews, HIX EROS, is now available for download. "Frankly, the poetry was great. Not jvſt because there were no jellyfiſh in ſight or sound or implication or allvfion." Or find out more about its kin in the form of Hi Zero magazine and UK reading-outreach at the Hi Zero Tumblr. [...] by

The Songs Matter: Dana Ward & ‘Pop Magic’ July 30, 2013: Dana Ward's The Crisis of Infinite Worlds (Futurepoem, 2013) is reviewed at the Los Angeles Review of Books, placing it in the context of "pop literature"—here affiliates being O'Hara, Larry Rivers, Joe Brainard, and more New York School. Michael W. Clune writes of the music: Dana Ward is keenly interested in pop songs. Larry [...] by

Constantly Bathing in the Semantic Folds of the New Lana Turner Content November 21, 2012: Issue #5 of the always-revelatory Lana Turner is out, and contains among its gemlike wonders some poetry from Catherine Wagner (also featured maintenant at PEN, but we digress), Claudia Rankine, Sandra Simonds, Geoffrey G. O'Brien, Jackqueline Frost, Joe Luna, Jorie Graham, Douglas Piccinnini, Cole Swensen, and Daniel Tiffany; and plentiful [...] by

LOVE EMBRACES ME LIKE TERRORISM: Joe Luna’s Reading at Maine’s Gray Dorm + More Good Footage from 1980s Conference July 2, 2012: Well, we asked for it. Richard Owens of Damn the Casears (if you have not picked up the recent Crisis Inquiry, we highly recommend it, a bargain for a worthwhile tome) has posted video of seemingly clandestine readings held in Soviet Gray Dorms, "following formally scheduled events" for the National Poetry Foundation's Poetry & Poetics of the [...] by