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‘music is the primary layer of experience and intelligence in poetry’: Joel Craig and Sheila Davies Sumner in Conversation November 1, 2013: Today must be the day for great poetry conversations. We'll round out the week with this wonderful, in-depth conversation with Joel Craig and Sheila Davies Sumner talking about many-a-poetry-thing, and in particular, Craig's recently minted first collection The White House. Sumner seems well-read on Craig's work and asks him some astute [...] by

New to the Archive July 2, 2013: It's been some time since we checked in with what's new in our archive, so we thought we'd pull out a few file-folders and see what's been added. We'll start with poems we've included by some Harriet contributors. First, we have poems from Paisley Rekdal's latest book Animal Eye. Among other things, we learn why some girls love horses. We [...] by

Corina Copp and Joel Craig Read this Thursday June 12, 2013: [caption id="attachment_68913" align="alignright" width="500"] Photo of Corina Copp by Tei Blow[/caption] Yes, it's part #deux of the Harriet summer reading series, brought to you by... us... Harriet! And this time we're thrilled to host Corina Copp, who's coming in from Brooklyn, and one of our favorite Chicago poets Joel Craig. Stop by the [...] by

Green Lantern Delivers Love February 12, 2013: Over at HTMLGiant, August Evans reviews the sibling titles recently release by Green Lantern Press—The White House, by Joel Craig and Palm Trees, by Nick Twemlow. Before delving into some close reading of the poems in each book, Evans writes: Two synchronous 2012 releases, Joel Craig’s The White House and Nick Twemlow’s Palm Trees, [...] by

Nick Twemlow and Joel Craig Read at Danny’s Tomorrow November 27, 2012: Chicago friends, please file under NOT TO BE MISSED. Tomorrow, head over to Danny's to catch Nick Twemlow and Joel Craig reading new work from their latest Green Lantern titles. This isn't your typical Danny's reading, what with our fearless series host (Joel) as a featured reader. No, this reading is in partnership with Green Lantern Press [...] by

Danny’s Doubles Down in November November 9, 2012: For all you Danny's regulars, you'll be happy to know that the No Slander monthly series is doubling down in November (and for non-regulars, here's your chance to get in on the action!). Two, count 'em, two readings in November! Next week, Wednesday the 17th, check out Sandra Simonds, Betsy Wheeler, and Hannah Gamble. Then, November 28th: "The [...] by