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LA Review of Books: Johanna Drucker on No Medium July 11, 2013: Johanna Drucker contributed this stellar analysis of Craig Dworkin's new book, No Medium, to the Los Angeles Review of Books this week. The review is a comprehensive and well-satisfyingly-thorough look at Dworkin's recent scholarship, and reading her thoughts about No Medium made us want to procure a copy for ourselves. We'll excerpt a [...] by

Amodern Journal Offers Open-Access Poetics Scholarship February 21, 2013: [caption id="attachment_61722" align="alignright" width="500"] Johanna Drucker[/caption] In a world where getting a hold of  recent scholarly writing about poetry usually means relying on access to a university library (or asking a friend with access to send us a PDF), projects like Jacket2 are a welcome anomaly. That's why we're so excited [...] by