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Iranian Poets Fateme Ekhtesari and Mehdi Moosavi Imprisoned December 26, 2013: Over at Montevidayo, Johannes Göransson writes about the imprisonment of two Iranian poets. He writes: [I was asked to translate this from a facebook page set up by Swedish poets who have worked [...] by

Stockholm International Poetry Festival + Gurlesque? Yes Please! November 22, 2013: Our friend Johannes Göransson alerted us to this supremely excellent festival taking place in Sweden, the Stockholm International Poetry Festival. This year’s theme is Gurlesque. He translates [...] by

New to the Archive August 23, 2013: We’ve just replenished the coffers with some valuable poem nuggets and thought Friday morning would be the perfect time to share these treats from our online archive. Ya know, just to get the [...] by

Johannes Göransson on Swedish Conceptualist Johan Jönson August 8, 2013: Our featured blogger for the month is Johannes Göransson, as you know; and he’s just penned a response to Cal Bedient’s much-debated essay on affect and Conceptualism for Montevidayo. [...] by

In Defense of— June 28, 2013: I have an extremely stubborn resistance to entering debates about poetry that occur in mainstream publications. So while blogging this month for Harriet, I’ve stuck to my own interests and [...] by

John Yau & Blake Butler Both Review Johannes Göransson’s Haute Surveillance June 24, 2013: A couple of good reviews in for Johannes Göransson’s new book, Haute Surveillance (Tarpaulin Sky, 2013)! First up, John Yau writes for Hyperallergic that HS is a book that “shares [...] by

Deterritorializations: Repetition, Stutter, Report (the first of two brief forays) May 1, 2013: The book is liquid dreams. Writing is stone. Writing is breath unheld. The book is air and underground passages. Where there is no water, but light is liquid. Where warm bodies gather. In translation [...] by

New Issue of ACTION YES! November 8, 2012: Issue 17 of ACTION YES is up. This one is co-edited by Carina Finn & Ji yoon Lee, with contributions by Johannes Göransson and Emily Hunt. Here you go! by

The Bride Stripped Bare October 24, 2012: Two posts converge, here and here, and we have Johannes Göransson from Montevidayo to thank for bringing them together (and for posting the video below). At the recent panel at Poets House on the [...] by

Poets House Gets Kitschy October 16, 2012: It’s either awesomely avant or it’s kitsch… or kitsch is avant?… or avant is kitsch?… Well, if you’re confused too and in New York on October 20th, head over to [...] by