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All Ashbery, All the Time February 20, 2013: If you haven't made your way over to PennSound today, you ought to. They've posted some fresh audio and video of John Ashbery from his recent visit to the Kelly Writers House. Also added is a November 2, 2011 reading at Smith College. More about that: In his intro to that event, Michael Thurston offers a brief history of critics' [...] by

Sampling Silence in Ashbery February 12, 2013: We love it when poetry opens out into other disciplines and art forms. Last spring, the New School hosted a festival called How to Continue: Ashbery Across the Arts. Participants from a variety of disciplines engaged with John Ashbery's work, and all sorts of crazy and exciting things happened. Christian Hawkey chose to examine the collection [...] by

From the Archives of Frieze: Ashbery Interview February 8, 2013: This week, we're all about archives--see our recent post on a Bob Perelman feature from the archives of Jacket. We've only just begun to peruse the archives of Frieze, and already we've come upon a new-to-us 2004 interview with John Ashbery. Craig Burnett, the interviewer, introduces the exchange by describing his first encounter with [...] by

Ashbery Interviewed at the Spectator February 4, 2013: No, that's not the Spectator once owned by Nate Archibald (ahem--poets can watch TV, too!). Over at the UK's Spectator, JP O'Malley transcribes into interview form his two-hour phone conversation with John Ashbery! "Browsing through some of his earliest and most recent work, Ashbery, very patiently, even read me some of his poems: giving me [...] by

The Observer’s Visit with John Ashbery January 4, 2013: The Observer's Michael H. Miller visits with John Ashbery right on time for the poet's 26th book, Quick Question. One serious pull quote would be what Paul Muldoon said: "'I’m sure people do struggle with his poems,' the poet Paul Muldoon, Ms. [Alice] Quinn’s successor at The New Yorker, wrote in an e-mail. 'Why wouldn’t they? We [...] by

Dara Wier on Typing Ashbery’s ‘The Instruction Manual’ December 10, 2012: Head over to the BAP blog and check out this great piece by Dara Wier. Here's some: For some reason, I'd never seen a Cry Room before or known that they are fairly commonly found in churches across the country. My friend and I had been talking about how various people handle or have sudden bouts of crying, and we were about to [...] by

Michael Robbins Reviews John Ashbery’s New Book, Quick Question December 10, 2012: Michael Robbins has reviewed John Ashbery's new book, Quick Question, for the Chicago Tribune. It's "a lot like the last new book," Robbins writes. Well: Lots of poets write the same book over and over, of course, especially as they age. Why complain about Ashbery's sameness when it's so unlikely? In all my years as a [...] by

Poets! Walt Whitman and John Ashbery Want Your Book! November 9, 2012: The Academy of American Poets reminds us that we have less than a week to get our manuscripts ready for submission to the 2013 Walt Whitman Award. What is the Walt Whitman Award? This: The Walt Whitman Award brings first-book publication, a cash prize of $5,000, and a one-month residency at the Vermont Studio Center to an American who has [...] by

Found: Two Unpublished Poems by James Schuyler August 2, 2012: Once again at Isola di Rifiuti, John Latta has a great post: while "looking for something only tangentially related to [James] Schuyler—a copy of anything indubitably typed on Frank O’Hara’s Museum of Modern Art office typewriter," Latta discovered two unpublished Schuyler poems: Found: two (seemingly) previously unpublished James [...] by

A Full Report and Video of John Ashbery at Poets House July 27, 2012: At the Ploughshares blog, James Tolan reports on John Ashbery's recent reading at Poets House, remarking at first that "[t]he food was good and conversation easy, and what was to come might be less so." (Rumor had it that Ashbery was not well: "But he had come and was now upstairs.") A bit more on the completely packed event ("the head count [...] by