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Prufrock, Adamantine Stupidity, Tennessee Williams, and Latin American Modernists July 3, 2012: We talk a lot about poets' first appearances in Poetry and one of the most influential, and most frequently mentioned, is T.S. Eliot’s “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock.” The poem appeared in the June 1915 issue of Poetry and at the time of its publication, as his biographical note observes, Eliot had “published nothing hitherto in [...] by

Happy Birthday, Kenneth Koch! February 28, 2012: Happy Birthday, Kenneth Koch! Koch would have been 87 today. We really like this interview between Koch and John Ashbery, republished by This Recording last January, and originally printed as a chapbook, "A Conversation with Kenneth Koch," in 1965 (Interview Press). At top, Koch rehearsing for a play in 1977. Amazingly, Ashbery and Koch could [...] by

Poets House rolls out a new website February 15, 2012: Poets House recently launched a snazzy new website. Check it out here. While the grown-up in us has been listening to Ann Lauterbach discuss a poem by John Ashbery, the kid in us has been finding inspiration at the Inspiration Station. Seriously, how cool is that! by

President Obama Quoted Dickinson and Whitman in Awarding Rita Dove and John Ashbery February 14, 2012: Well, the 2011 National Medals of Arts and Humanities ceremony took place last night at the White House--President Obama honored Rita Dove with the National Humanities Medal, and John Ashbery received the National Medal of the Arts. As Coldfront notes, a combined 15 artists were awarded medals at the ceremony, including actor Al Pacino. Turns out [...] by

Ashbery, Dove Receive Major Awards February 13, 2012: When it comes to winning major poetry awards, some poets are just killing it. Rita Dove racks up a National Medal of the Arts, while John Ashbery takes home a National Humanities Medal, per this LA Times blog article. From said article: The White House announced the recipients of the National Medal of Arts and the National Humanities [...] by

Ashbery and Padgett Talk O’Hara February 6, 2012: From Silliman's Blog: Ron Padgett and John Ashbery in conversation about Frank O'Hara and others from their wild and fruitful New York days. The conversation takes place at Harvard. Here's the description from the YouTube page: In conjunction with the Woodberry Poetry Room's 80th Anniversary, the Poetry Room presented an oral history of the [...] by

Wow: Lydia Davis on John Ashbery’s Translation of Rimbaud’s Illuminations June 10, 2011: Lucky us! Lydia Davis reviews Rimbaud's Illuminations, newly translated by John Ashbery and in a lovely edition published by W.W. Norton, for the New York Times' Sunday Book Review. In a brief introduction to the young poet, who quit writing at 21 and lived on, adventuring, for only 16 more years: "[H]e is one of those exceptional meteoric [...] by

John Ashbery reads from his translation of Rimbaud at the New School February 18, 2011: Via The Best American Poetry, John Ashbery reads his translation of Arthur Rimbaud's "Promontory" from Illuminations. Originally published in 1886, Norton will release Ashbery's translation in May, though not with his above comments about scholars' endless attempts to track Rimbaud through Scarborough just because he mentions it in the poem. [...] by

Wear John Ashbery’s head at your own peril December 18, 2010: On the Huffington Post, Anis Shivani asks 22 poets to name who they believe is the most important contemporary poet and what influence that poet has had on his or her work. First up is H.L. Hix, who sets the tone well by pointing out the many ways that "important" can be defined and how little it actually says about the chosen poet in relation to [...] by

Eileen Myles on relationships and refusing to align with Greek statues December 3, 2010: Antonio Gonzalez's Lambda Literary interview with Eileen Myles covers a lot of ground—race, class, gender, sexuality, politeness, sentimentality, professionalization—but the discussions all revolve around poets' relationships to one another and what it means to belong, or not, to certain artistic communities. I don’t really have an [...] by