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No Longer Out of Print! W. J. Bate’s Negative Capability: The Intuitive Approach in Keats July 30, 2012: HEY KEATS FANS! Keep your eyes out for this book, we'd say. Long out of print, but not for long, Negative Capability: The Intuitive Approach in Keats by Walter Jackson Bate is coming soon in a new edition from Contra Mundum Press, with an introduction from Italian poet, playwright, translator, and critic Maura Del Serra. The book should be [...] by

The Huffington Post invites you to play Rate! That! Prodigy! March 2, 2011: In The Huffington Post's continued domination of the phlisticle genre (that's the combination of a photo gallery and listicle, which is already a combination of list and article, for those of you keeping track at home), today they present ten literary prodigies. Citing a quote from Fran Liebowitz in which she claimed that literary prodigies [...] by