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What Was Flarf?: Jordan Davis Reviews Diana Hamilton’s Okay, Okay March 26, 2013: Most poets need an income. Some of us teach or are freelance copywriters. Some of us work for nonprofits or consulting companies. Most of us, at some point, have worked in a cubicle, and all of us have to develop methods for creating time to write. We regularly recommend Frank O'Hara's Lunch Poems to young poets who have recently graduated [...] by

Jordan Davis’s ‘Whine List’ About Poetryland November 12, 2012: Yeah read it! Jordan Davis interrogates/unsuffocates/courts controversy/dislikes Conceptualism/gives "Poetryland" its negative due at Best American Poetry. He also invites participation, asking "What are your (generalized, no names please) complaints about Poetryland?" (Comments are open.) (He doesn't even touch the party reading scene.) You [...] by

Trigger Cuts January 5, 2010: The on-going review-interviews taking place over at Lemon Hound have my attention at the moment (I’m one of the interviewees, an admission that I suppose qualifies as full disclosure here if you believe such a thing exists in the demi-world of warm soft fact), and I’m particularly interested in the question of what one might be looking for in [...] by