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Commune Editions on Romance and Kill Lists at Jacket2 February 5, 2014: Commune Editions's Juliana Spahr, Joshua Clover, and Jasper Bernes on Wordsworth, spontaneous overflow of emotion, revolution, and kill lists at Jacket2. I have said that poetry is the spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings: it takes its origin from emotion recollected in tranquillity: the emotion is contemplated till, by a [...] by

Vanessa Place Considers the Poetic & Fetishistic Qualities of Heimrad Bäcker’s Seascape January 8, 2014: Vanessa Place reviews Heimrad Bäcker's Seascape (Ugly Duckling Presse 2013) for Constant Critic. We wrote about the text not too long ago. Bäcker was a teenage member of the Nazi Party, and spent his life examining Nazism and the Holocaust, and "[f]or his part," Place writes, "[Bäcker] deemed [Seascape] a piece of concrete poetry." [...] by

Drone War Poem: Joyelle McSweeney Defends Josef Kaplan’s Kill List October 17, 2013: Responses to Josef Kaplan's Kill List (Cars Are Real 2013), which we aimed at the other day, are employing the Internet's breakneck form well--Joey Yearous-Algozin has already made Real Kill List (Troll Thread 2013), which drops a Facebook-reaction comment-stream into PDF (sequels forthcoming?); and today, Joyelle McSweeney responds to the [...] by

Baltimore’s CARS ARE REAL Presents Josef Kaplan’s Kill List, Among Other Clean Energy October 11, 2013: Are you a rich poet? Comfortable? Missing? Find out: Josef Kaplan's Kill List is now available as a free PDF from CARS ARE REAL, a way-worthy new project from Baltimore poet and artist Alejandro Ventura. CAR's first series includes other PDF books from authors Robert Michael O'Brien, Laura A. Warman, Lesser Alvarez, Alicia Puglionesi, and [...] by

Washington Post’s Alexandra Petri Responds to Unflattering Haiku on Her Forehead January 28, 2013: The Washington Post editorial inquiring as to poetry's would-be dwelling in the world of the non-living has certainly received its detractors, one of which was us. Turns out Alexandra Petri found all of the attention to be way harsh. In "Poetry is not dead, says poetry," she eats a heaping helping of her words: ...[I]f you would prefer not [...] by

In The Believer, Diana Hamilton on Josef Kaplan’s Democracy Is Not for the People January 3, 2013: We are heartened: Diana Hamilton has reviewed Josef Kaplan's Democracy Is Not for the People (back in stock!) for The Believer! Will wonders never. You'll have to purchase the print issue go here to read the full text, but for now, enjoy the smartness of the excerpt: Most readers know that poetry does not function the same way essays [...] by

Summer Edition of Poetic Labor Project Features Jamie Townsend, Anna Vitale, Josef Kaplan, and Catherine Wagner July 23, 2012: The newest installment of The Poetic Labor Project is up, featuring a "new set of texts considering poetry, politics, and labor" by Jamie Townsend, Anna Vitale, Catherine Wagner, and Josef Kaplan. What a lineup, seriously. You can read these beauts at the blog or download them as a PDF. For now, might we fawn over Cathy Wagner: "I work at a [...] by

‘If you make any kind of art, you might want to read this’: A Valuable Response from Marie Buck on Josef Kaplan’s ‘Theses on the Aesthetics of Violence’ July 10, 2012: A Better World Is Probable: Detroit-based poet Marie Buck shares a necessary response to Josef Kaplan's "Theses on the Aesthetics of Violence," published at Lana Turner last week and discussed in an interview at ArtTalks, which we mentioned. Lawrence Giffin writes in a Facebook link to Buck's piece: "If you make any kind of art, you might [...] by

ArtTalks Interviews Josef Kaplan: “The problem is that you even have to buy an apple” July 6, 2012: A great interview is up at ArtTalks with Harriet fanatic Josef Kaplan, author of Democracy Is Not for the People (Truck Books 2012). Kaplan addresses issues bound (and probably not bound) to come up in a thorough engagement with his work, such as the "political work poetry is capable of," violence/gentrification, the worthlessness/value of art [...] by

Announcing The Claudius App III: AMERICAN HANGOVER EDITION July 6, 2012: There's a strategically placed fortune on our Harriet desk that's going on about a secret admirer soon sending signs of affection. We like this: "[I]t IS ALL A HOT BECOMING"--The Claudius App III has just gone lighght; i.e, OUT NOW. We've pointed you there for previous issues. This one includes a negative review of Heather Christle (on [...] by