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Peter Riley’s Thorough Read of Three New York School Collecteds July 1, 2013: Peter Riley has given seriously comprehensive looks to the New York School--or three brilliant aspects of it--for the UK's Fortnightly Review. Riley looks at the recent Collecteds of Barbara Guest, Joe Ceravolo, and James Schuyler. On Guest: Not that the early work is conventional. There is a range of commitment to unorthodox [...] by

Lamantia’s Collected Poems Is on the Way March 12, 2013: This must be the year of collected poems by neglected masters. Or at least that's the case with the much anticipated collecteds by Joseph Ceravolo and Philip Lamantia. We've expressed our enthusiasms for Ceravolo a couple of times here and here, and now we're overjoyed to see Lamantia's collected will be coming out this summer! From the UC [...] by

Jacket2 Feature on Joseph Ceravolo March 5, 2013: Vincent Katz and many others have collaborated on a Joseph Ceravolo feature for Jacket2. "We were interested in amassing a number of voices to attempt to illuminate this famously elusive poet’s various senses of musicality, nonsense, and also a strict refusal to fit into accustomed patterns of writing poetry," he writes in the introduction. [...] by

Seth Abramson Reviews Ceravolo, Downing & Other Distinctive January Books January 31, 2013: Seth Abramson works his review magic for The Huffington Post, calling out a lovely group of books published this month, such as Collected Poems, by Joseph Ceravolo (Wesleyan University Press, 2013) (which you know we're fond of); he gives each one some deserving extended prose. An excerpt: The late [Kenneth] Koch once implied that [...] by

At Laaaaaaast: The Collected Poems of Joseph Ceravolo! January 28, 2013: We don't usually announce new publications, unless we have been not-stifling our excitement for months. And it's here! We can rejoice! From Wesleyan University Press, the most handsome: We are pleased to announce a new book, Collected Poems by Joseph Ceravolo -- edited by Rosemary Ceravolo and Parker Smathers. The long-awaited [...] by

David Lehman on Joe Ceravolo’s Forthcoming Collected Poems September 17, 2012: The Best American Poetry blog is totally excited over the new Joseph Ceravolo "comeback" (we are too--we're getting nervous and shaky just thinking about it--unless that's the overcoffee--no, no, it's all due to the forthcoming Collected Poems, née Mad Angels)! David Lehman writes: Possibly the New York School's biggest secret -- [...] by

Collected Joseph Ceravolo! May 16, 2012: Yes! Wesleyan will publish Joseph Ceravolo's Collected Poems in December. Wesleyan's book description: Like an underground river, the astonishing poems of Joseph Ceravolo have nurtured American poetry for fifty years, a presence deeply felt but largely invisible. Collected Poems offers the first full portrait of Ceravolo’s [...] by

Confirmed! Ceravolo’s Mad Angels Slated for 2012 June 20, 2011: We were keen last week to find out a little bit more about this possibility of Wesleyan University Press publishing a book collecting all of Joseph Ceravolo's work, so we talked a bit of shop with Joe's widow Rosemary Ceravolo. She has confirmed the speculation! Rosemary says that she's been been working with Wesleyan's acquisitions editor for the [...] by

Collected Ceravolo? June 17, 2011: According to the Wesleyan Connection, a new $50,000 NEA grant for Wesleyan University Press (congrats!) will generate their new poetry program, which will publish, perhaps, a collected Joseph Ceravolo and a new book by Rae Armantrout. While it's all exciting, we must say--for fans of Ceravolo, who have been waiting decades for this, it's [...] by

Music and Memory February 3, 2010: [audio:http://www.poetryfoundation.org/harriet/wp-content/uploads/2010/02/Music-and-Memory-2.mp3] by