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Joshua Clover on Poetry and Revolution June 25, 2013: It’s here! It’s real! It’s *this* Global Voices for Justice interview with poet and scholar, Joshua Clover, brought to our attention by A Fiery Flying Roule. We’re linking to [...] by

UC Davis Dozen Case Resolved, Protestors Walk! May 7, 2013: This just in: The Davis Dozen (AKA The Banker’s Dozen) walk! Poet and University of California-Davis professor Joshua Clover and the eleven UCD students charged with a possible 11 years in [...] by

Joshua Clover & Jasper Bernes on ‘What Was Neoliberalism?’ March 5, 2013: We’re attentive when poets delve into politics, as Joshua Clover and Jasper Bernes do frequently–this time in the form of a joint letter to the editor in response to Michael [...] by

Jean Day, Joshua Clover, Mary Burger & More Full-Timers at Winter’s Poetic Labor Project February 1, 2013: January at The Poetic Labor Project features writing from Jean Day, Marie Buck, Joshua Clover, Jen Coleman, Rachel Zolf, Mary Burger, William Cloud, and Tim Shaner. We’re constantly in awe of [...] by

Joshua Clover Intros Sean Bonney & David Lau as Part of U.S. Poetry’s New Insurrectionary Turn November 28, 2012: Over at The American Reader is an excerpt from a portfolio of political poetry curated by Joshua Clover (the entire bit is published in their current print edition). “The Insurrectionary [...] by

An International Open Letter Protesting Charges Against The Davis Dozen May 25, 2012: A letter is being circulated internationally on behalf of The Davis Dozen as they approach their hearing date of June 1. Read it below. UK poet Danny Hayward writes: We want to get as many signatures [...] by

Davis Dozen Rejects Plea Deal, Sets New Court Date for June 1 May 11, 2012: An update on Joshua Clover and the Davis/Banker’s Dozen: Rejecting a plea deal for 80 hours of community service, calling the charges against them “a sham,” the group entered their [...] by

Some Context for Joshua Clover’s Poetry & Politics May 9, 2012: Though it seems the only mainstream news source to pick up (sorta) the story of the so-called Davis Dozen is the Chicago Tribune, the arraignment for Joshua Clover and the eleven students facing [...] by

Poet Joshua Clover and 11 Students May Face Prison Time and $1 Million in Damages for Shutdown of US Bank May 7, 2012: If you haven’t heard: The administration of UC Davis is holding poet and professor Joshua Clover and 11 students accountable for their alleged role in protests that led to the shutdown of a [...] by