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Joyce Carol Oates Maligns Robert Frost in Nov. Harper’s October 31, 2013: "Poetry . . . not in the business of believing." The New Republic's Alice Robb gets real with Joyce Carol Oates, taking the novelist to task for her portrayal of Robert Frost in a story called "Lovely, Dark, Deep," in this month's issue of Harper's. Oates "imagines a meeting between an aspiring writer and an aging Frost, [and] paints the [...] by

Walt Whitman: Disappointing, Overrated, or Just Not Good? September 7, 2012: In an interview at the New York Times, Joyce Carol Oates was asked: "What book did you feel you were supposed to like, and didn’t? Do you remember the last book you put down without finishing?" And Oates answers... Walt Whitman!? Well, there is a caveat. Here's what Oates said: I was trained to consider “disappointment” of this [...] by

The apocalypse, brought to you by the letters Y, A, L and E February 16, 2011: The Yale Daily News is republishing a dozen visions of the apocalypse commissioned from well known writers at a dollar a word (but because the editors were cash-strapped college kids in 1974, each writer was limited to 20 words). "As the editors noted in that 12th issue of the Magazine, 'The writers that exceeded twenty words did so out of a love [...] by