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Joyelle McSweeney on 8 Gothics June 13, 2013: At Big Other, John Madera talks to Joyelle McSweeney about her latest book from Tarpaulin Sky, Salamandrine: 8 Gothics. McSweeney's hybrid text falls under the wonderful generic cross-roads of Fiction / Parenting / Occult. It's on the point of parenting and motherhood, and all their toxic implications, that they begin their [...] by

Deterritorializations: Repetition, Stutter, Report (the first of two brief forays) May 1, 2013: [caption id="attachment_66003" align="aligncenter" width="500"] The Errorist International[/caption] The book is liquid dreams. Writing is stone. Writing is breath unheld. The book is air and underground passages. Where there is no water, but light is liquid. Where warm bodies gather. In translation what there is to say vibrates (vacillates? [...] by

“Without–the power to die–”: Joyelle McSweeney Reading Emily Dickinson November 12, 2012: Head over to Montevidayo where Joyelle McSweeney engages Emily Dickinson's poem 754 [My Life had stood — a Loaded Gun]. She starts her reading of this slippery poem by writing: In the past year I’ve found my thoughts returning & returning to Dickinson’s Loaded Gun (Poem 754). How is the body (and the body of the poem) a vessel of [...] by

Poets House Gets Kitschy October 16, 2012: It's either awesomely avant or it's kitsch... or kitsch is avant?... or avant is kitsch?... Well, if you're confused too and in New York on October 20th, head over to Poets House to hear Johannes Göransson, Joyelle McSweeney, Sianne Ngai, and Daniel Tiffany talk about all things kitsch. From the PH website: Kitsch is a way of [...] by

Joyelle McSweeney’s Percussion Grenade as ‘post Flarf ergo propter Flarf’ September 14, 2012: Joyelle McSweeney's newest, Percussion Grenade (Fence 2012), has been reviewed over at the Tarpaulin Sky Press blog, with writer Erin Lyndal Martin noting its ambition: It is comprised of six sections, one of which, “The Contagious Knives” is a polyvocal piece featuring Louis Braille as a 14 year-old girl in “pink panties a [...] by

Announcing The Claudius App III: AMERICAN HANGOVER EDITION July 6, 2012: There's a strategically placed fortune on our Harriet desk that's going on about a secret admirer soon sending signs of affection. We like this: "[I]t IS ALL A HOT BECOMING"--The Claudius App III has just gone lighght; i.e, OUT NOW. We've pointed you there for previous issues. This one includes a negative review of Heather Christle (on [...] by

Joyelle McSweeney’s Safety Book: Hannah Weiner’s The Fast June 18, 2012: We are overjoyed about this one (had to). At the Rescue Press blog, Joyelle McSweeney reminds us how great Hannah Weiner's The Fast is (no, seriously): "I now think of the artist as a medium for media, saturated by media, possessed by media." In a short Q&A for Rescue's "Safety Book" series of posts, McSweeney thanks Patrick Durgin at Kenning, [...] by

Kyle Minor Reviews the McSweeney/Göransson Chap Deformation Zone March 28, 2012: Speaking of translations, over at HTMLGIANT, Kyle Minor has more than some notes on the chapbook Deformation Zone: On Translation, co-written by Johannes Goransson and Joyelle McSweeney and just out from Ugly Duckling. The book, UDP writes, comprises two essays, one by each author, exploring their ideas. Minor introduces the authors [...] by

Joyelle McSweeney on Aase Berg’s Transfer Fat February 23, 2012: We've been fans of Swedish poet and critic Aase Berg since her poems first began appearing in English--much of this can be credited to the translating work of Johannes Goransson, who brought us her first book, With Deer (Black Ocean), as well as a selection of her poems, Remainland (Action Books). And they've done it again! Transfer Fat, [...] by

Indie Publishing: Two Questions and More Answers October 31, 2009: Regarding my previous post on indie publishing, Glen has commented, "In some ways I feel like there’s too much poetry being published right now and not enough filtering, so it’s interesting to hear from people who feel the opposite." To this, I've responded that his question "leads to the question of filtering, the criteria for filtering, and [...] by