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Poetry And/Or Revolution Conference to Be Held Oct. 3-5 in the Bay Area August 26, 2013: Oh, to be in the Bay Area this October. Announcing the "Poetry And/Or Revolution" conference, taking place Oct. 3-5, 2013. This year's event is an extension of sorts of this May's “Militant Poetics” conference in the UK, which was in itself a follow-up event to last May's London "Poetry and Revolution" conference. That one featured [...] by

Beyond Oakland: August 10th and 11th July 31, 2013: Extending out from Oakland-- where many Bay-Area poets have participated in protests in recent years-- Beyond Oakland will welcome poets from Vancouver (Cecily Nicholson), Kansas City (Anne Boyer), Detroit (Marie Buck), and Montreal (Michael Nardone)-- to spark a conversation about poets's experiences participating in militant actions in and [...] by

Experience Unlimited at the East Bay Poetry Summit June 17, 2013: I told lots of people that I was going to write about the East Bay Poetry Summit for Harriet’s "Open Door" series. And each time, I followed it up with a confession: “It was so wonderful, I have no idea how to write about it. Everyone will just think I drank the Kool-Aid!” I hoped that with enough time, I’d get some critical distance [...] by

Dark Places (Part One) April 26, 2013: More than a month or two ago, poet, librarian and mountain climber James Wagner asked writers (poets, fiction writers, nonfiction writers) to answer the question “Why do you write?” for his tumblr, Mobile. I was one of them, but I’ve avoided answering the question for, well, one or two months now. I hate answering questions like that. [...] by

Do I Contradict Myself? January 14, 2013: In 2008, I wrote an essay called “Why I Hate MFA Programs, or an Argument to Prove That the Abolishing of the MFA Program in American Universities May, as Things Now Stand, Be Attended with Very Few Inconveniences.” The main point of this cheerful, theatrical, cranky, Swiftian manifesto was simple: I was leaving academia after a [...] by

Juliana Spahr Posts Talk about ‘The Poet Scholar’ at Swoonrocket January 8, 2013: We're sorry to have missed the panel on "The Poet Scholar" at the annual Modern Language Association conference in Boston this year. We did attempt to follow the conversation on Twitter, but even Natalia Cecire's Storified version isn't the same as actually being there, of course. Happily, Juliana Spahr has shared her talk on the Swoonrocket [...] by

Editorial Piedra Cuervo in Baja Engages with Gertrude Stein, Lyn Hejinian, Kathy Acker & Juliana Spahr January 4, 2013: [caption id="attachment_59095" align="alignright" width="500"] Gidi Loza’s Desollada: visiones crónicas. Ensayando a Gertrude Stein, Lyn Hejinian, Kathy Acker y Juliana Spahr / Flayed: chronic visions. Rehearsing Gertrude Stein, Lyn Hejinian, Kathy Acker and Juliana Spahr.[/caption] Our Spanish is perpetually rusty, but we've been paying [...] by

Juliana Spahr on Teaching at Full Stop December 5, 2012: Juliana Spahr is interviewed over at Full Stop for their "Teaching in the Margins" feature, and well, it's educational. More specifically: A "questionnaire [was sent] to writers and curators, academics and educators, with an eye open to the interface between innovative artistic practice and progressive pedagogies, taking stock of the untapped [...] by

Juliana Spahr at The New Inquiry: ‘Why Marx has got to go? Why not that poem by Frederick Seidel…?’ September 24, 2012: On rolls: Juliana Spahr is interviewed at The New Inquiry for their "Five Questions with __________" series, an experiment with flash interviews. Beautifully, Maryam Monalisa Gharavi links us to Spahr's twelve-year-old essay, "Metromania: Poetry, Academy, Anarchy." Gharavi writes: "(I searched high and low for it—at least two library [...] by

Juliana Spahr on Lisa Jarnot’s Rejection of the MFA System September 19, 2012: Another greatness from The Argotist Online: Juliana Spahr discusses, with poet and professor Emily Carr, her "decision to remain part of the MFA system," in response to Lisa Jarnot's resignation from the Brooklyn College MFA faculty, partly done in order "to stop contributing to a system that seems to me to do more harm than good” (which [...] by