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Experience Unlimited at the East Bay Poetry Summit June 17, 2013: I told lots of people that I was going to write about the East Bay Poetry Summit for Harriet’s “Open Door” series. And each time, I followed it up with a confession: “It was so [...] by

Dark Places (Part One) April 26, 2013: More than a month or two ago, poet, librarian and mountain climber James Wagner asked writers (poets, fiction writers, nonfiction writers) to answer the question “Why do you write?” for his [...] by

Do I Contradict Myself? January 14, 2013: In 2008, I wrote an essay called “Why I Hate MFA Programs, or an Argument to Prove That the Abolishing of the MFA Program in American Universities May, as Things Now Stand, Be Attended with Very [...] by

Juliana Spahr Posts Talk about ‘The Poet Scholar’ at Swoonrocket January 8, 2013: We’re sorry to have missed the panel on “The Poet Scholar” at the annual Modern Language Association conference in Boston this year. We did attempt to follow the conversation on [...] by

Editorial Piedra Cuervo in Baja Engages with Gertrude Stein, Lyn Hejinian, Kathy Acker & Juliana Spahr January 4, 2013: Our Spanish is perpetually rusty, but we’ve been paying attention to work published by younger writers in Tijuana and Baja California, because it is wildly innovative and socially astute. [...] by

Juliana Spahr on Teaching at Full Stop December 5, 2012: Juliana Spahr is interviewed over at Full Stop for their “Teaching in the Margins” feature, and well, it’s educational. More specifically: A “questionnaire [was sent] to [...] by

Juliana Spahr at The New Inquiry: ‘Why Marx has got to go? Why not that poem by Frederick Seidel…?’ September 24, 2012: On rolls: Juliana Spahr is interviewed at The New Inquiry for their “Five Questions with __________” series, an experiment with flash interviews. Beautifully, Maryam Monalisa Gharavi [...] by

Juliana Spahr on Lisa Jarnot’s Rejection of the MFA System September 19, 2012: Another greatness from The Argotist Online: Juliana Spahr discusses, with poet and professor Emily Carr, her “decision to remain part of the MFA system,” in response to Lisa [...] by

A Must-Read Post for Women Poets—And Everyone Else August 15, 2012: Over at Best American Poetry, some of our favorite poets–Sandra Simonds, Sina Queyras, Elisa Gabbert, Shanna Compton, Juliana Spahr, Vanessa Place and Danielle Pafunda–had a great [...] by