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The Fourteenth Track from Justin Katko’s The Death of Pringle June 1, 2012: We've told you about Justin Katko's The Death of Pringle (Flim Forum Press 2012). Now, here's the fourteenth track from the opera. "The voice is the Free Pringle (i.e. heroic potato chip)." Give a listen! More info on Some Dope on How the Coordinate Got All Homogenated. Photo of Justin Katko by Kevin Killian, who once "chase[d] this phantom [...] by

The Death of Pringle February 27, 2012: There are times when jacket copy becomes pure poetry. To illustrate our assertion we present Exhibit A, from Justin Katko's The Death of Pringle: Written from 2007 to 2008, Justin Katko's libretto "The Death of Pringle" tells the story of a group of evil scientists (The Mother Fuckers), whose plan to digitally convert Southern [...] by