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Barry Schwabsky Hits the Ground Running at Hyperallergic May 14, 2013: Hyperallergians, fear not! Barry Schwabsky has reigned-in the poetry for this weekend's installment of the epic arts and culture newsletter. Check this: Ezra Pound said poetry was news that stays news. I thought that in gathering some notes on poetry I’ve read this year I’d bring a bit of news and only after doing so realized to what [...] by

The Institute of New Writing at Southern Oregon University March 15, 2013: There are all sorts of interesting things happening right now at Southern Oregon University. Not only is there a new issue of the West Wind Review, but they have recently announced a new, one-week summer writing program, the Institute of New Writing \ Ashland. The program, which will take place August 12-17, is part of their preparation for [...] by

Peter Gizzi and K. Silem Mohammad Reviewed Together at Jacket2 September 19, 2012: Peter Gizzi has been included in conversations around conceptualism lately; and flarfist and sonneteer K. Silem Mohammad certainly has as well—now they are reviewed in conjunct at Jacket2 by Sarah Case, who writes about Threshold Songs and Sonnagrams 1-20, noting that they both "recycle and rework old forms, experimenting with what poetry [...] by

Two more (cups of coffee then I’ll go) January 11, 2010: Why do so many readers at poetry readings announce having two poems left to read? When I signed my contract to become a poet there was no clause as to this matter, and I have in fact made a point of simulating repulsion in mind whenever I hear the words “two more” uttered from stage or podium or wobbly body. Is it an ineffable urge to put the [...] by